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									                                   Company Profile
                              ( preliminary description )

Company Name                                XXXXXXX srl
Year of Establishment                       02/2007
Base in                                     Bucharest . Romania
Owner 100%                                  Italian
License granted                             06/2007
Type of Business                            A Public Fixed Telephony licensed
                                            Carrier doing Wholesale Carrier to Carrier ,
                                            Distribution of direct Dial voice service
                                            trough Own CSE Number for Residential
                                            and corporate customers all over Romania
                                            ,Prepaid calling Card, Toll Free renting for
                                            companies, local access number, alternative
                                            carrier numbers authorised by ANRCT-
                                            Telecom Authority of Romania and we are
                                            in process to obtail a license on MVNO

Owner of numbers                            10XX and 16XX direct dial
                                            1000 toll free numbers 0800
                                            1000 toll free numbers for prepaid 0808
                                            10000 local access numbers 031XXX
                                            17XX carrier number to terminate in GSM
Start Operation                             November 2007

Turnover Year 2007                          30000 euro

Balance sheet available that deposited      2007

Equipment Holding                           2 unit NACT IPAX PICO 32 E-1 full loaded
                                            with SS7 License with Prepaid platform
                                            2.unit Quintum CMS 16 E-1 Full Loaded
                                            VOIP Gateway.
                                            2. unit NTS 2000 Billing Server Tower size.
                                            4 unit HUB
                                            2 Unit Rack mount UPS Brand APC of 18 U

Collocation in Bucharest in Romtelecom with 2 rack full loaded, with 10 +10 Mega
 Byte Dedicated internet link with 16 static ip.
Monthly rent collocation approx 300 euro include VAT 19%

Status Of all Equipment                     100%Running with all current software.

Monthly wholesale minutes Produced          4 million minutes
Yearly support till                           all equipment December 2008

Office location and description               located in Sector 2 Bucharest , Independent
                                              2 stored floor with 140 sq.m space having 1
                                              Open space, Reception, Boardroom,
                                              Manager’s room, CEO room, Kitchen-Toilet-
                                              store-Guards euro 1400.00 per month well
                                              furnished Brand New office. in the TOP
                                              Floor a 90 sq.m apartment for CEO well
                                              furnished rent per month 800 euro.

Furniture’s/ equipments                       All solid modern and costly furniture’s
                                              including Board room , CEO room, general
                                              managers office , secretary and reception
                                              full furnished with 5 computers +3 Laptop,
                                              wi-fi enable, Airconditions,Central PABX
                                              system, Voip Gateway 4 ports, with fax and
                                              3 telephone lines and wooden and marble
                                              granite floor.
Web Site                                      Yes

SDN Network Cable                             From Rometelecom Bucharest to Bucharest
                                              central 8 E1 and to Brasov Central another
                                              8 E-1 all in SS7
                                              SDN network with GTS Telecom
Monthly rent SDN NETWORK                      500.00 euro vat included

Voice termination point                       Romania fixed to romtelecom network
                                              All rest destination via VOIP H323 to Voip
                                              LCR Carriers.
Client wholesale In/OUT in PRI                ROMTELECOM in SS7
                                              Orange GSM and Vodafone Romania in
Client Wholesale in/out VOIP network          Arbinet The Exchange USA
                                              VSNL International ( ex Teleglobe INC )
                                              Voip Monster UAE
                                              Carrier exchange INC UAE
                                              Optima Telecom LTD . Singapore
                                              OPI Communications srl . Italy.
Estimated Turn over per month wholesale       220.000 euro
Reseller of direct dial for Phone centres     Powered by 16XX and 10XX

Sales Network for Phone centres               To create agent in all Romania that in

Estimated turnover on residential customers   100.000 euro per month
Estimated Turn over per month PHC          100.000 euro per month

Prepaid Calling Card Turn over per month   200.000 euro per month

Net Profit Per Month after all expenses    Approx 40.000 euro – 60.000 euro

Manpower working as fixed                  No. 4

Bank                                       Unicredit Tiriac Bank.

BAD Debt of Company                        0

Motivation to sale                         The Owner Investing in a GSM operator in
                                           an emerging Country of Asia.

Value of the Company                       900.000 Euro ( Nine hundred thousand
                                           euro )
Asking Price                               750.000 Euro
Break Even of asking Price                 in 13 months

We are available after signing the NDA , to do the DUE DILIGENCE to show all
Equipments and turnover papers shown as above.

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