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					                                                                                                    Daily Field Report
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                                                                                                        Job No.                           Page
                                                                                                            1993-1                           1              of             1
Project                                                     Client                                                  Report No.
Leona Quarry                                                City of Oakland                                                                  159
Location                                                    Grading or Excavation Contractor                        Date                           Day of Week
Oakland, CA                                                 DeSilva Gates                                            3/18/05                             Friday
General Contractor                                          Contractor’s Foreman                                    Eng. Tech                      Assistants
DeSilva Gates                                               Clayton Haskins/Mark                                             PF                                  -
General Contractor’s Superintendent                         Specialty Contractor                                    Contractor’s Foreman
Kent Peyton

Field Observations                                                                      Time:     11AM      Weather: Raining, cool

- I was on site from 8AM to 11AM.
- Four Cat 657 scrapers cut soil from the area to the east of the former “Upper Bowl” area and placed
it as fill into the area to the east of the intersection of “A” and “K” Streets. The soil was compacted two
Cat 825 sheepsfoot compactors. Two D10 dozers ripped the cut areas.
- Phil Gray of Berlogar was on site to observe fill placement and to test the relative compaction of
engineered fills.
- A D8 dozer trimmed and track walked the southerly facing slope that sits north of “J” Street.
- Two water trucks provided moisture conditioning as needed.
- Lewis and Tibbitt continued installation of a joint utility trench in “A” Street running southerly from
“D” Street. Sand was placed to backfill the trench and compacted by a vibrating tamper. A second
technician from Berlogar was on site to test the relative compaction of the joint trench backfill.
- EBMUD continued installation of water services in “D” Street.
- A Cat blade and a Cat 615 paddle wheel scraper worked to fine grade soil in “H” Street.
- Showers of light rain fell at the site for short periods until about 10:30AM when the rain became
steady and heavier. Work was halted at about 10:30AM.

Follow-up from prior report           Yes            No

What should be observed, checked, or tested during the next visit:

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