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					                                           Occupancy Status Report
                                Please fill out this form and FAX /EMAIL to back.

Inspection Date:          /         /                                        Loan.#:         ____________

REO Manager: Dirk E. Fuchs

Property Address:


As of the date shown above, the above property was found to be:

                                         VACANT                                        OCCUPIED


If occupied, please obtain occupants names and phone numbers:

Occupants Names:                                                                       Mortgagor                    Tenant

                                                                                       Mortgagor                    Tenant

Phone Numbers:                                                               Work


Occupants intentions:

Cash For Keys
Depending on the area, the Seller may be in a position to offer the occupant cash as an alternative to eviction. In this instance, a predetermined
cash settlement would be offered to have the occupant vacate the property in a specific time period; leaving the property in “broom swept”
condition. Unless it is considered unsafe to approach the occupants, redemption periods would prevent eviction or the usual time for an
eviction is relatively short; “Cash for Keys” is an option that may be considered.

Is cash for keys a viable option?                         Yes                                    No


                                        FAX/EMAIL-RETURN WITHIN 24HRS
                                           PROPERTY INVOICE COVER SHEET

                                       (This form is to be used when submitting all invoices for reimbursement
                                                  Make copies for file and submit with all invoices)

REMIT TO:                    _____________________________________________


                     EIN/SS#(Required)_              ____________________________________

Property:                   _____________________________


                     Loan #:              ______________

                     Mortgagor:                  _________

        Date Paid                         Vendor                         Description                       Amount


Only original bills submitted with this form will be paid. All others will be returned.

Billing Instructions
Please read the following carefully

Invoices will only be processed if the following items are supplied to Coldwell Banker Asset Management:

    ORIGINAL invoice/bill and a copy of your check as proof of payment. Facsimiles will bot be accepted. On major repairs, submit the original vendor bill
     with instructions to pay vendor directly- no proof of payment is required
    Vendor or Realtor ID# or Social Security Number
    This property invoice cover sheet COMPLETELY filled out and itemized with the individual bills to be paid
    Once property has closed, you will have 20 days to submit final bills. Any bills over 20 days will not be paid.

Please note: If the above instructions are not followed, the invoices/bills will be returned to you.
                                      REO - AssetManagement
                                         WINTERIZATION AUTHORIZATION

To:                                                                  From:                Media PC
Phone:                                                               Phone:               (813)806-1940
Fax:                                                                 Fax:                 (813)806-1780
Contractor                                                           Date:                11/2/1999

Loan #                                                               Address
Former Owner                                                         City,State Zip
Foreclosure Date

In jurisdictions where winterization is required, ALL properties must be winterized by October 15th through March 1st, or longer as the locale
requires. Properties should be winterized only once a year. The property may be re-winterized only if the initial winterization is deemed to be
no longer effective. The winterization process must include a thorough and complete draining of all plumbing and heating systems. Use of air
pressure to clear the system or, in some cases, adding non-toxic antifreeze solution to the systems is both acceptable provided that the effect
prevents freeze-ups.

The water supply to the property must be shut off at the curb. If curb shut off is not possible, the main interior water supply must be shut off. In
either case, the water meter must be disconnected and left in the property unless the City or County ordinance require return of the meter to the
water company to eliminate further water charges. The disconnected feed pipe leading from the main water valve must be plugged. Tags,
labels, or warning signs must be affixed to all items winterized and must include the date of winterization and the name, address and telephone
number of the firm that performed the work. For properties with wells, the pump (if not submersible) and tank must be drained. All
winterizations must be performed in accordance with state and local codes, ordinances and regulations.

The REO Specialist should be contacted for directions on maintaining water services to houses where a community water service is involved
and on utility services to townhouses, duplexes, attached dwellings in PUDS, and condominiums where such service must be left on due to
homeowners association or party wall requirements. In condominiums and attached dwellings in PUDS, water services and utilities should
remain on if the systems include other units.

1.   DRY HEAT SYSTEMS – The hot water heater and all domestic supply and distribution piping must be thoroughly drained. All faucets
     and valves must be opened in the proces and then closed after draining is completed. Adequate amounts of antifreeze are to be placed in
     all fixture traps including toilet tanks and bowls.

2.   WET HEAT SYSTEMS – The winterization requirements outlined above apply. In addition, the house boiler system must be thoroughly
     drained. All radiator vents are to be opened in the process; bleeder pins must not be removed from the radiators.

3.   RADIANT HEAT SYSTEMS – The winterization requirements outlined above apply. In addition, winterization must include a thorough
     draining of the heater. Radiant heat piping must be drained and blown dry by compressed air pressure and an adequate amount of
     antifreeze is to be put in the radiant piping.

4. SUMP PUMPS – Where there is an existing sump pump used to keep basements or crawl space dry,
   the electricity must remain on to assure that flooding does not damage the property. Check to make
   sure the sump pump is operable and operating. Contact the REO Specialist for guidance if the existing
   pump does not work.

Winterization costs should not exceed $100.00 in most states. Please call REO Management Services for authorization above this amount.

                                                     REO - ASSET MANAGEMENT
                                              8140 West Waters Ave - Suite E, Tampa, FL 33615
                                                    (813)806-1940 Fax (813)806-1780
                                       WINTERIZATION AUTHORIZATION
                                                  (Page 2)

To:                                                              From:               Dirk E. Fuchs
Phone:                                                           Phone:              (813)806-1940
Fax:                                                             Fax:                (813)806-3781
Contractor                                                       Date:

Loan#                                                            Address
Former Owner                                                     City,State,Zip
Foreclosure Date

                                   CHECKLIST (Please put an X in the appropriate boxes)

    Shut off water at meter and/or main water ''shutoff'' valve inside home
    Loosen supply line at meter.
    Drain water heater and/or holding tanks other than heat system.
    Notify Green Tree of any current plumbing damages and note on this report.
    Shut off gas or electricity to water heater. Place a sign on water heater stating
                                       ''DO NOT TURN ON WITHOUT REFILLING”
    Drain all internal and external water supply lines including any/or holding tanks and clear with positive air pressure.
    Leave all faucets and intermediate valves from the shutdown point “open”, including outside sill cocks
    Drain all water closet tanks; add antifreeze to tanks.
    Put a minus 50 degree antifreeze in the following:
             Water closet bowl traps                                            Laundry floor drain traps
             Lavatory traps                                                     Basement floor drain traps
              Kitchen sink traps                                                Bar sink trap
              Bathtub traps                                                     Laundry tub traps
              Shower traps                                                      Other:
             Sauna floor drain traps
    Place special non-toxic antifreeze solution in dishwasher drain and cycle to assure solution entered pump.
    Place sign on toilets stating ''Toilet has been winterized. - DO NOT USE'' and tape toilet seat covers closed
    Open any sprinkler system to drain (not including Pressure Purging System).
    Place ''WINTERIZED" sign on nearest window next to front door. The date, your signature with phone number and
    contact person should be on sign
    Close all fireplace dampers and close fire vents.
    Hot water heater heats the house. We have cut off the water for plumbing and have performed the
    necessary work to maintain the water supply for the hot water heating system and have installed an anti-
    freeze solution.
    Other: (be specific)

Electrical service and heating systems remain “ON” and set at 55 degrees during winter months. Broker is to
tape thermostat to prevent tampering.

The above house has been winterized in accordance with your request. We plan to leave the heat on during the winter months, and will inspect
the house every two weeks to make sure that sufficient heat is maintained during cold weather

WORK PERFORMED BY:     __________
                 (Plumbing Co.)                                  (Phone)                              (Date)

BROKER ACKNOWLEDGMENT                                __
                                              (Real Estate Agent or Asset Mgt. Co.)                   (Date)

It is the ultimate responsibility of the Broker and/or Asset Management Company to ensure that winterization is property completed by a
qualified contractor with appropriate liability insurance coverage.

                                                    REO - ASSET MANAGEMENT
                                            8140 West Waters Ave - Suite E, Tampa, FL 33615
                                                 (813)806-1940 / Fax (813)806-1780