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CCNA Voice Labs _IIUC UC520


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CCNA Voice Labs (IIUC + UC520)
Current First Look Lab Documentation Firstlook v1.4 Complete Lab Guide (Step by step instructions) Firstlook v1.4 - Scenario-based Labs Previous First Look Lab Documentation Firstlook v1.3 Lab1: Plug-n-Play Firstlook v1.3 Lab2: PBX, Voicemail & Auto Attendant Firstlook v1.3 Lab3: Recording Custom prompts for Auto Attendant Firstlook v1.3 Lab4: Advanced Features Firstlook v1.3 Lab5: Verifying VoiceViewExpress & IMAP Firstlook v1.3 Lab6: Basic ACD Firstlook v1.3 Lab7A: Security Firstlook v1.3 Lab7B: Wireless Firstlook v1.3 Lab8A: Configuring IPSEC VPNs between sites on the UC520 Firstlook v1.3 Lab8B: UC520 Multi-Site Setup Firstlook v1.3 Lab AppendixA: Reset to factory default Firstlook v1.3 AppendixB: Key-System with Voicemail Firstlook v1.3 AppendixC: PPPoE on the WAN Firstlook v1.3 AppendixD: IOS Dialplan configuration using CLI Firstlook v1.3 AppendixE: Designing for a Scenario

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