Article Marketing Targets Search Engines And Humans

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Article Marketing Targets Search Engines And Humans By Mark Stewart

Two of the newest trends for online marketing involves marketing aimed at search engines and article marketing. While search engine marketing helps web sites get ranked higher on search engine results pages, article marketing is more targeted to the customers the site owner is trying to reach. Article marketing does offer hope for those looking for higher rankings on the web site, but the main key is getting the message out to potential customers. When a customer looks for something on the internet, they type in a word or phrase they believe will lead them to their target. The search engine will take that keyword or phrase and see if it matches anything in its index of previously visited web sites and according to relevance with the search term, will rank the results on its results page. Today's search engines are looking for more than simply matching words or phrases on a web site to those typed in to the search box. To determine page rankings the search engine will look at relevant information and considers updated textual information contained on the page while indexing a site. Original, informative articles rank high among search engines but, even better they rank higher among the human users who will be making purchases. For multilevel marketing networks, articles about multilevel marketing will probably not get near the top of a search page for health issues for instance, unless there are articles on the site pertaining to health issues. Additionally, site owners can write informational articles and submit them to article distribution services, which will then make them available to many other sites as well as newsletters and ezine publishers. If the article offers significant information, these publications will pick them up for use in their publications and first, provides a link to the page listed in the article's signature box and second, that link back is noticed by search engines as a vote of confidence that the site pertains to the keyword phrase used in the article. Keyword spamming is a common trick that a few companies use to try to trick the search engines into believing they have relevant information to offer. However, article distribution services know this trick as well and will not post these types of articles. Search engines are also getting smarter and have learned to ignore these articles and humans who happen to stumble onto a site by way of a spammed
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keyword article will generally be upset and will not return to the site. While concept of article marketing is still in its infancy there remains many questions about the type of articles a site owner should publish and how many to submit to distribution services. There is no magic number or frequency, however most recommendation call for at least two to three articles every week, for different pages on a web site, with the links in the signature block pointing to the relevant web page. If the site owner lacks the writing skills they can hire a ghost writer to pen the articles and then submit them to the distribution services under their name and signature block. Mark Stewart frequently writes on topics in the home business and Internet marketing industry. Finally learn the truth about how you can launch 6 streams of automated affiliate income streams in just 24 hours. Visit

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Article Marketing 101: How You Can Market Your Articles! By Abhinav Srivastava

When it comes to article marketing, there are a lot of things that you need to know. Firstly, it is not just about writing a high-quality article, you need to make sure that you understand that point before anything. There are millions of articles that are high-quality but the public will never read because they simply can not be found on the internet! This is one of the main reasons that awesome article directories were created and while article directories are becoming increasingly popular with every single passing year, they can only do so much; the rest lays on the writer. First, before you start trying article marketing, you might want to research article marketing. This is one great way to ensure that you understand everything that needs to be done and the goals that you are trying to set with your articles. After you have done your research, you probably still will not understand fully article marketing but that is what this article is for! Article marketing is simple but complex all at the same time. If you are trying to promote a website or a company via article directories, it can be very difficult if your articles are not in the right format. Oh yes folks, there is a format that should be followed when you are article marketing and that is to make your article come up through search engines. Now there are many different ways to accomplish this and none of them involve having to spend any money! All you need to do is base your articles on keywords that will come up in search engines. For example, let's say that you are trying article marketing for a wedding cake company. You have submitted quite a few articles for article marketing via an article directory and the wedding cake website is still not getting many hits. Well, that is probably because your article is not targeted for search engines! Search engines honestly only pick up on a few select words in articles and if your article does not include those words, it will not pop up. Let's say that 'wedding cake' 'cake' and 'weddings' are all keywords that should be repeated in your article for article marketing. As soon as someone types those words into a search engine, your article should pop up! As you can see, article marketing is not hard but it definitely is a skill and you should do your research before you start!

Abhinav Srivastava owner of Article Directory.

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