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					PMBOK 4th Edition for PMP Aspirants
PMI has released 4th edition of PMBOK guide for PMP aspirants on Dec'08. So 3rd edition is of no use now. After 30th Jun'09, any one wanna be PMP has to prepare him/herself according to 4th edition of the guide. I have tried long time to get a hold of the book. As I am not a PMI member and PMI member or PMPs are rare in my surroundings, it's very tough to get it. Either you have to buy it or become PMI memebr. Even I contacted with some wanna be PMP aspirants, they somehow avoided whether they possess the latest edition of the book. After, a long search at last I get hold of it!!!! yeah, I got (I mean, I managed) soft copy of the PMBOK 4th edition from the Internet. Have a look at some random pages from the book (if you don't believe) --have a look here

Also if you want to possess the book or get a hold of it, contact with the author there. Have a nice day...

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Description: PMBOK 4th Edition has been released by PMI on Dec'08. But it's not available to most people. Here you can find some instructions to possess a soft copy of it....