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City Of Columbus

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Mayor Michael B. Coleman

Department of Public Utilities
Tatyana Arsh, PE. Director


City of Columbus - Division of Power and Water OEPA SELF-CERTIFICATION ANNUAL REPORT SUMMARY

This form shall be submitted to the Division of Power and Water with all projects that require OEPA approval.

Project Name: DOPW Project No.: Consultant:

1. Construction Cost



Actual Service Connections

3. Potential Service Connections 4. Increase in Average Daily Demand
(No. of services multiplied by (130-gpcd x 3 people per household)


= gallons

per day)

5. Increase in Peak Daily Demand
(1.5 multiplied by the average daily flow


per day)

6. Operating Pressure Range


Utilities Complex Director's Office Power and Water Division Operational Support Division Fairwood Complex Sewerage and Drainage Division

910 Dublin Road 614/645-6141 614/645-7020 614/645-1508

FAX: 614/645-8019 FAX: 614/645-8177

Columbus. Ohio 43215 TOO: 614/645-6454 TOO: 614/645-7188

1250 Fairwood Avenue 614/645-7175 FAX: 614/645-3801

Columbus. Ohio 43206 TOO: 614/645-6338

The City of Columbus

is an Equal Opportunity