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					Township of Hamilton Planning Board Township of Hamilton, Mercer County, New Jersey Regular Meeting – April 27, 2006 Tentative Agenda The Order In Which Applications Are Heard May Vary A. B. C. D. E. Meeting to start at 7:00 Flag Salute Roll Call This meeting is being held in compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act, and proper notice has been given. The ordering of this agenda is based on the deadline for Planning Board Action as established by the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law and secondly by the date received by the Administrative Officer. "Opening Testimony on any given case shall be presented by the Township staff, to be followed by the testimony of the applicant. This procedure may be reversed at the discretion of the Board Chairman upon staff request." EXTENSION APPLICATION: Application No: 98-04-030C Type: Business Owner / Applicant: Rojen 33 PROPOSAL: Construct a 12,057 s.f. retail building. REQUEST: Their first, one year extension. This extension would run until December 11, 2006. Location: Route 33, Map 149, Section 1953, Lot 9.01 Zone: HC HELDOVER APPLICATIONS: Application No: 05-01-001 Type: Residential Owner/Applicant: Jose Reyes PROPOSAL: Create two lots. REQUEST: Classification and approval of a minor subdivision, variance relief from front yard setback of existing dwelling. Location: Woolsey Street & Tindall Avenue, Map 169, Section 2055, Lots 1-5 Zone: R-5 The Board must act by June 15, 2006.


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Page 2 Planning Board Agenda April 27, 2006 I. 2. NEW APPLICATIONS: Application No: 98-01-006AA Type: Business Owner/Applicant: DDR “KOHL’S” PROPOSAL: Create two lots REQUEST: Classification and approval of a minor subdivision, variance relief from rear yard setback and number of parking spaces. Location: Route 130, Hamilton Marketplace, Maps 291 & 301, Section 2613, Lot: P/O 1.11. Zone: RD Overlay The Board must act by July 13, 2006. Application No: 06-01-006 Type: Residential Owner/Applicant: Bruce Mancia, Sr. PROPOSAL: Create 2 lots. REQUEST: Classification and approval of a minor subdivision, variance relief from lot depth, area, frontage and depth; existing rear yard setback, waiver of Items 3 & 6 on Checklist 3B and items 10, 11, 17, 19 and 23. Location: 810 Hughes Drive, Map 21, Section 1512, Lot 12 Zone: R-15 The Board must act by July 14, 2006. Application No: 99-07-049A Owner/Applicant: S.T. Peterson & Co., Inc. Type: Business PROPOSAL: Construct 23875 s.f. office building. REQUEST: Preliminary and final site plan approval, variance from parking location and number of parking, waiver of plan and calculations for surface drainage. Location: Route 130 & AAA Drive, Map 234, Section 2597, Lot 14 Zone: RD The Board must act by August 19, 2006. RESOLUTIONS OF MEMORIALIZATION: Ordinance No. 06-014, Eliminating Day Care Centers and Child Care Centers as Permitted Conditional Uses in Certain Residential Zones Application No: 05-11-107 Type: Business Owner/Applicant: Joseph Raymond LLC Location: Route 156, Map 323, Section 2658, Lot 45 Zone: IND



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