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									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Integrated Marketing By Richard D S Hill

If you are don’t get the right message to your potential customers at the right place, the right time and the right cost then you won’t have a successful business. That has become far more difficult of late as markets have fragmented and technology has speeded up this movement. It’s easy to see – 2 TV channels to over 200. No internet to over 90 million websites. So making sure that you have an integrated marketing plan and that your customers get the same message and visual clues in all the marketing you do so that you maximize the return on your marketing budget is more and more essential. Successful integrated marketing brings together a whole range of channels into one blended campaign all sharing the same message. To produce effective integration you now need to work on the basis that marketing is a conversation between you and your customers and prospects. It is not just one specific press release, pay per click advert, email or web page but how all of those(and more, including customer service, staff attitudes etc.) come together. We are all bombarded with thousands of messages from thousands of advertisers every day. We are good at filtering out messages that don't appeal – whether that’s going out for a cup of tea in the ad break or fast forwarding the recording, deleting the email etc. So you need to reach customers and prospects at a time when they are interested which means you cannot rely on any single channel as every individual is different. With this increasing information overload there is strong evidence that customers and prospects are basing their purchasing decisions on what they perceive to be important or true rather than on solid, rational, detailed information. Perception is reality. It may not be correct, but... This "sound bite" approach means messages must be clear, concise, consistent and easily understood or they will simply be ignored. So, increased channel fragmentation and “sound bite” perception mean that you must deliver more relevant, individualized “customer experiences” and messages.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
What then are the main resources to achieve this at our disposal? Web site. Assuming your website can be found easily by those searching for your product or service (so you need good search engine optimization or SEO and possible some Pay per Click or PPC adverts) the web is a 24/7 marketing opportunity. Once found it needs to be informative, easy to use and well designed. If you operate internationally then also make sure it’s in the right languages. Internet marketing. SEO and PPC as mentioned, blogs, email, rss feeds, podcasts, virals, affiliates, extranet and social networks can all have a place in the mix. Your customers are online more and more and more and you need to reach them when they are and how they want. Direct marketing. Email, direct mail, door drops, telemarketing (inbound and outbound), SMS, face to face (whether that be networking, a sales call or a trade show. Public relations. This includes not only traditional press and media releases (online as well as offline these days) but also sponsorship, events, speaking, community relations and more. Advertising. There are a whole range of possibilities. TV, radio, press, online, directories. Obviously the budget will affect which you may choose but it’s vital to make sure that once the choice is made the adverts mention your web site and phone number as well as your offer and brand and that the message is consistent across all the media. Collateral: brochures, case studies, white papers. Your materials provide customers and prospects with important messages. Tools: CRM system, online tools such as web-chat, ticketing systems etc. That’s not an exhaustive list and clearly there are loads of options(something like 2.6525286 × 1032 apparently just on the channels mentioned). So how do you make sure that the process of integrated marketing works? Well a lot of it depends on technology to enable integration. Technology is no panacea but it does make things easier. And there are three things that need to be at the heart of it all, your: - customer database - product or service database - website These two things allow you to automate and integrate all types of marketing activity. The website is the 24/7 inbound resource and the databases the basis of outbound activity and customer segmentation. Bringing them together via automation allows you if you are, for example, a retailer to: - accept orders at any time - record where the customer came from to know which marketing channels are working best - send relevant personalized and automated messages to customers
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
- allow customers to see the status of their order - integrate with your stock control system so levels are reduced by the order - integrate with your accounting and banking systems so payment is received and recorded - integrate with your customer database so that you have a detailed record of who bought what when and enrich it with external profile or lifestyle data such as MOSAIC But that is just the enabling. The crucial factors not mentioned above are creativity and design. You can analyze the past, but you need to design the future and that requires ideas. Ideas need to be treated as seriously as finance and raw materials and require creativity. It’s that creativity that can ensure clear, concise, consistent and easily understood messages that will work in the whole range of media chosen. That then has to be communicated in a well designed way and we have to ask ourselves: "what will the customer experience when we do X?" and answer that question with good design for the: - information - interaction - graphic - emotional - product - service elements that make up the “customer experience”. Now we have and integrated marketing programme and all that remains is to cost and deliver it. Richard Hill is a director of E-CRM Solutions and has spent many years in senior direct and interactive marketing roles. E-CRM helps you to grow by getting you more customers that stay with you longer.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
The Value Of Integrated Marketing By Carl Roughsedge

For any small or medium sized business getting the marketing spend right will always be a major factor in the success of the business. There are two key elements in getting the marketing spend correct, firstly deciding how much marketing budget you are able and willing to make available to achieve your objectives and secondly deciding how to spend that money. One approach to marketing worth considering is integrated marketing. Integrated marketing is an approach to marketing that incorporates all the individual marketing disciplines into one co-ordinated and structured campaign. These individual marketing disciplines may include graphic design & branding, advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, online marketing, public relations, affinity marketing, etc. When developing an integrated marketing campaign it is vital to identify the key marketing message and convey that message in all communication media and marketing tactics. That marketing message may be based on identified unique sales points, a particular slogan or a special offer. Branding needs to be consistent through every element of the campaign. Integrated marketing may not be the right way forward for every business, this will usually depend on the nature of the products or services that the business sells, the channels of distribution and the target market. For example, some online businesses will find relatively little value in offline media and will focus their spend online or smaller building companies will rely on word of mouth and listings in local directories, etc. What integrated marketing does offer is the opportunity to reach a target market via a number of different media be it email, internet, direct marketing, advertising, public relations, etc. This in turn builds a feeling of familiarity with a company or a brand and that feeling of familiarity in turn leads to a level of trust. Trust is an important part of any business relationship and purchasing decision be it in a business to consumer or business to business environment. The other key advantage of an integrated approach to marketing is that it avoids ‘putting all your eggs in one basket’. By utilising a number of marketing disciplines and carefully monitoring the results a business can direct future marketing spend towards the disciplines and media that has produced the best return on investment. That is an attribute worthy of consideration for any small or medium sized business and indeed for larger businesses also. The successful implemetation of an integrated marketing campaign requires knowledge of many different marketing discilpines and as a result a specialist integrated marketing agency is required. Traditionally agencies specialised in certain disciplines such as advertising, public relations, graphic design, etc. To make sure your integrated marketing campaign is a success be sure that you have a marketing agency which is experienced in all the disciplines you require. The internet is now an excellent place to source an agency suitable to meet your requirements for an integrated campaign. What's more, the intetnet has torn down international barriers in sourcing an agency enabling businesses to take advantage of possible cost savings by sourcing abroad.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Carl Roughsedge is Director of which provides marketing, marketing plan, website design and graphic design services to small and medium sized businesses around the World.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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