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					FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 29, 2007

CONTACT: Rev. Tony C. Evans 856-541-6385 office 856-963-1841 fax

City of Camden

City of Camden –“20/20 Documentary Waiting on the World to Change”
Camden, NJ – As a result of 20/20 Documentary “ Waiting on the World to Change”, about Camden that aired Friday night January 26 with Diane Sawyer, we have received many calls of people having interest in providing support and getting additional information on the living conditions in the City of Camden. The Honorable Mayor of Camden, Gwendolyn A. Faison, taking a proactive approach to those interested in making contributions has set up a fund “Camden Youth Enrichment Fund.” To assist in monitoring the distribution and the allocation of these funds will be a committee consisting of a representative from the Mayor’s Youth Council, The Business Administrator Christine TJ Tucker, The Director of Health and Human Services Rev. Tony C. Evans, Sr, and the Director of Finance Richard Wright. Funds payable to the Camden Youth Enrichment Fund may be forwarded to P.O. Box 2528, Camden, NJ 08101-9998. To contribute directly to those highlighted in the program should contact 20/20 or ABC ( directly for details.