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					Typical Stages in the Permit Application Process

1. Open - New

2. PreProcessed • Hansen generates conditions and fees • Customer pays fees before reviews are generated

3. App Processed

4. Pre Issued Permit

5. Permit Issued

6. Pre Finalized

7. Finalized

Commercial and Residential Bldg Permits Only 8. Pre 9. Issue C of O

10. Pre Completed

• Create new application in Hansen • Enter application type and type of work • Enter application specific info

• Plans Examiner conducts reviews

• Customer • Hansen generates pays permit building fees, retrieves inspections plans • Inspectors • Plans conduct Examiner inspections determines additional requirements

• Ensure all • Advise Issue inspections customer C of O of any are issue with complete • Customer inspections and make approved payments • Ensure any add’l • Hansen fees are records • paid payment

• C of O is issued

• Permit process is finished. no further action required

• Contact customer

Intake Plan Review

Intake Inspectors