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Conversion to a New Certified System: A Success!
Special Edition December 2008— January 2009

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We are pleased to announce system is its certification our successful conversion to by the federal Office of our new statewide case Child Support Enforcemanagement system on Ocment. During the week of tober 1, 2008. This system, December 1, 2008, repreknown as CSE sentatives “...on December 5, 2008, the (Child Support from the Office of Child Support Enforcement) Office of allows us to Enforcement confirmed that the Child view every system meets all of the federal Support child support Enforceautomation requirements….” case within ment, the the State, autoState Demates many case managepartment of Child Support ment functions and provides Services and the project us more information to asexecutives visited courts in sist us with our cases. San Francisco and Los Angeles and the child support An important part of the offices in San Francisco, implementation of this new

Los Angeles and Alameda Counties. Based on these visits, on December 5, 2008, the Office of Child Support Enforcement confirmed that the system meets all of the federal automation requirements and is now certified as a statewide child support enforcement system. We are very excited to be using this new system and are looking forward to expanding the excellent service we provide to the children and families we serve.

DCSS helps its customers find jobs!
As we all know, unemployment is on the rise and finding a job can be extremely challenging. That’s why SF DCSS was so pleased to be able to host its first-ever job fair. On October 1, 2008 the San Francisco Department of Child Support Services held of California, and possibly in the nation, that a local child support agency has organized and held its own job fair.

Director Roye speaks to representatives of employers, unions and community-based organizations.

the Client Support Employment Opportunity Fair.
Staff from the Westin St.Francis interview a job-seeker.

To our knowledge, this is the first time in the state

DCSS staff put time and energy into making sure that an appealing selection of employers would be matched with an equally great group of jobseekers. And it paid off. Present were a wide variety of employers including PG&E, UPS, Target, CalTrans, the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office and many others. There was a large turnout of job-seekers,

Eager job-seekers, many dressed in suits and ties, wait in line for the Job Fair to begin.

many in suits and ties, with resumes in hand. An estimated 15 - 20% of job seekers were hired onthe-spot or the in the days and weeks that followed the Fair. We are proud that we were able to pull off this event without spending money. The San Francisco Public
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Main Office 617 Mission Street San Francisco CA 94105 Tel. 415-356-2700 Toll-Free Automated Information: 1-866-901-3212 ♦ Bayview Branch Office 1315 Evans Avenue San Francisco CA 94124 415-550-3500 ♦ Mission Office 3120 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415-401-4968 ♦ This newsletter is a production of the Outreach Unit the San Francisco Department of Child Support Services.

The San Francisc o Dep Child Support Se artment of rvic Mission Statemen es’ t: The mission of th e San Francisco Department of C Services is to empohild Support provide economic wer parents to children by furnis support for their services in the fohing child support rm parents, establishm of location of and support oblient of paternity enforcement of su gations, and pp thereby contributi ort obligations, being of families ng to the well and children.

We support children!

DCSS helps, from page 1
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The California State Department of Child Support recently launched EUpdate, an online newsletter for employers and payroll professionals. E-Update was developed as a tool to communicate important child support wage withholding processing and program news. “E-Update also allows employers to... share their feedback.” The newsletter provides information on electronic payment procedures, law changes, quick tips, time-saving strategies and frequently asked questions. E-Update also allows employers to ask questions and share their feedback. To subscribe to E-Update go to tabid/56/Default.aspx.

Customer Connect
With our new certified system comes a great new feature called Customer Connect. What is Customer Connect? It’s an exciting service that allows parents, guardians, and others to get child support information 24 hours a day. There are two ways to access Customer Connect—use the secure selfservice website or call the toll-free automated phone system. General information and specific account information is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s easy, fast and ready when you are. The benefits of Customer Connect are many: convenient 24/7 access, ability to update account information, individual case and payment information and more. Visit Customer Connect at or call toll-free 866-901-3212.

Library graciously donated the event space, and the San Francisco African-American Chamber of Commerce sponsored the employers’ continental breakfast. DCSS was so pleased to be able to further its mission of empowering parents by helping provide the resources they need to support their children. Best of luck to all those who attended the Employment Fair!

DCSS staff members interview people who are looking for jobs.