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					City of Taunton, Massachusetts

15 Summer Street Taunton, Massachusetts 02780
Kevin R Scanlon, Director/ Planner AICP Michele Restino, Conservation Agent Phone 508-821-1051, 508-821-1043 Phone 508-821-1095 Fax 508-821-1665 www.ci.taunton.ma.us

Zoning Compliance/ Determination Form
The following approvals/ actions will be required prior to receiving a building permit, license, business certificate etc for the use, activity or construction proposed. This form is to verify compliance with Zoning Ordinance requirements only. Any needed zoning approvals or actions will be noted. Requirements and approvals needed from other Departments or processes (such as Conservation, Board of Health, License Commission etc) will be noted if known by the Zoning Administrator, but they must be verified and obtained from each of those respective agencies or Departments. Applicant Name: ________________________________ Phone: ______________________

Applicants Address: _______________________________________________________________________ Proposed Location: _____________________________________ Zoning District: ________________

Nature of Use, Activity and/or Construction Proposed: ____________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ Determination Based on the Following Plans: _________________________________________________

I hereby attest that the above information is accurate and that any deviation from the above mentioned project description could alter the determination issued below. I also understand that a business certificate from the City Clerk is necessary to conduct the proposed business activity. The issuance of a business certificate for a location does not constitute the establishment of a business use for zoning purposes.

Property owner / Tenant For Office Use Only Below this line; Determination: ___________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

Any other approvals, licenses, permits, or inspections required by other boards, departments, agencies etc at the City, State, or federal Level are not included as a part of this determination. City Planner/Building Commissioner

Date: __________

Fee $30.00, Check made out to City of Taunton