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Digital Signage comes in various varieties, and commercial signs are there to identify or attract business for the store, building or vehicle displaying the sign. Signage, as most graphic design, is a form of communication. Click here to know more

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Your Digital Signage Marketing Team By Ryan J Bell

As we've discussed in past articles, there are a number of business models for deploying a digital signage network. One of the most common is an ad-supported model. By placing screens in a variety of targeted retail settings, an operator can generate revenue through selling advertising spots. While this is a common model to pursue, it's also difficult to do it well. There are several factors that can make or break your success; arguably, the most important is sales proficiency. Signage network owners must be able to sell - or hire others who can - ad spots. It's not as easy as it sounds. In today's article, we'll briefly discuss the role of content and how viewers can become anesthetized toward it over time. Then, I'll explain the importance of sales when approaching retail store owners and advertisers. Stale Content And Customer Desensitization Most signage network operators are aware that content creation, and the delivery of that content, both play an enormous role in lifting sales and getting viewers to take action. The problem is that content becomes stale if it is repeated over and over ad nauseum. And stale content does not convert; it does not lift sales; and it most certainly does not motivate a passerby to take action. Here's the challenge if you're pursuing the ad-supported model. Your advertisers want results. The venue owner wants results. The only way for you to deliver those results is by filling the distribution pipeline with stimulating content and ads. At times, both will be provided either by the advertisers or the retail store owner (or venue landlord). Other times, you'll need to outsource it to a creative agency. Technically, this is not a part of the selling process. However, it does represent the framework upon which the ad-supported model - indeed, all signage network models - are built. Selling The Idea The retail venue in which you want to place your screens need to be sold on the idea before you approach advertisers. A digital signage network owner who is skilled in sales negotiations can develop an arrangement with the venue owner that divests some of the financial burden and risk. Keep in mind that the equipment (i.e. hardware, software, media players, etc.) is expensive. So, too, is deploying the screens throughout a location. And once the screens are installed, removing them requires time and
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effort. Ideally, your sales team will be able to negotiate a contract in which the venue owner agrees to share the cost of leasing the equipment. They should also agree to a long-term deployment (which is easier when they're financially invested). Pushing Early Advertisement Spots Selling ad spots in the beginning stages of a network deployment is always challenging. If you already have a fleet of screens deployed in the same vertical, convincing new advertisers to join is a simple matter of showing them your past results. However, let's suppose you don't have a signage network activated yet. Your job is considerably harder. In this case, your sales and marketing team should consider approaching a media company that already has exposure to a given vertical. For example, an advertising firm that works closely with regional grocery stores to develop their marketing collateral can provide access to their clients. Partnering with the advertising firm makes the job of selling ad spots much easier (for that vertical). Launching Your Signage Network Once you have secured a venue (or, a chain of them) for your screens and have partnered with a media company in your chosen vertical, you can launch your signage network. But, your job - and that of your sales and marketing team - is far from over. The success of the ad-supported model relies upon having the ad distribution pipeline filled. Advertisers will come and go. When they do, they need to be replaced. Selling ad spots on your signage network is an ongoing challenge; it takes a lot of work and requires an aptitude for negotiating mutually beneficial contracts. This is an area where your marketing team can provide enormous value. Four Winds Interactive is a leading provider of digital signage networks and software, check us out online at

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Avoid Digital Signage Without Purpose By Ryan J Bell

It happens all too often: someone in your organization, browsing a trade magazine or industry portal sees an article on the growing trend of digital signage, or a case study on a competitor's installation of a digital signage network. The piece goes on and on about how digital signage enhances the effect of marketing messages, assists in guiding desired behavior from clients, and has the ability to target different demographics based on time and location. In fact, the piece makes it sound like a digital signage network is the only thing keeping your company away from the success it truly deserves. All of the above is completely true, and digital signage provides organizations like universities, hotels and retail centers with direct marketing benefits. However, when considering investment in digital signage it is important to take a step back from all of the potential benefits and make sure you can answer one simple question: what exactly is your organization trying to accomplish by making use of digital signage? If you cannot clearly identify the purpose of a digital signage network, if you don't already have an idea of what content you would want to give to customers (or potential customers) if given the opportunity, then it will be impossible to achieve any level of success with the signage project. Signage (whether digital or analog) has many uses outside of just delivering marketing messages: it can be used help consumers find their way, to give information on products and services offered, and even for video games and point of sale systems. If there is a primary need for this type of system in your organization then chances are you can safely begin to consider a digital signage system. However, if you are purely attracted to the added benefits of digital signage and are inventing primary needs that are not currently part of existing challenges, then chances are your digital signage project will not be a rewarding experience. It is vitally important to the success of your signage project that you take the time at the outset to determine attainable goals which you want your signage system to fulfill. Getting input and signoff from key management in your organization will also help to create buy in, and to provide absolute direction on the project. Although digital signage companies are capable of great efficiency in the design, development and implementation processes, attempting to fulfill an unclear set of objectives which are constantly shifting will only create unnecessary expense and disappointment. Although digital signage can fulfill very many marketing purposes in an efficient, attractive manner, it is very dangerous to get caught up in all of the benefits without being able to see the over-arching purposing of introducing this new marketing method to your company or organization. It always helpful to step back and reconsider the motives and goals behind your consideration of a digital signage implementation. Not only will this help to streamline the entire development and implementation process, it will also lead to more measurable results. Four Winds Interactive is a leading provider of digital signage networks and software, check us out online at

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