; Writing Articles - How to Find Popular Topics For Your Article Marketing
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Writing Articles - How to Find Popular Topics For Your Article Marketing


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									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Writing Articles - How to Find Popular Topics For Your Article Marketing By Serge Dandelin

Article marketing is not an easy business to get into. People tend to hate to give new writers a try, and this makes it hard to start your own article marketing company. However, there are some tips that you can use to help find the most popular topics to write about that will surely increase the number of people that look and read your articles. You have to write about what is hot; otherwise, people do not care to know about it. However, being a writer or doing article marketing, you have to know what is hot before everyone else knows it is. Thus, you have to know these tips below to make sure that you are only writing about topics that people want to hear. Tip #1: Search engines are your friend, and when trying to find out what is hot and what is not, you have to learn how to use them. When you go to these search engines, they have a place on there where you can look at the most searched things in the world. By looking at the top ten things, you can get a pretty good idea for some topics to write about. You can also try keywords suggestion tools like Worldtracker and Keywords discovery. The key is to find niche related keywords and write articles around these niches. Writing about new niche topics is not only a good way to get people to read your articles, but it's a good way for you to market as well. If you have tons of people that are reading your articles and you slip some of your own information in, that is good article marketing. Tip #2: Be sure you understand what article marketing is before you get started. This is a type of marketing where you use popular writing articles to promote your business. However, for this to work you have to write articles about things that are related to your business. For example, if you are selling video games and you do a few articles on the Nintendo Wii or the Nintendo DS, then that works out good. It fits with your products, and they are two very popular things right now. However, if you are selling video games and you write an article on dogs and try to fit it in, you are going to get less of a turn out on your article. Tip #3: People like to talk to people. This is why blogs, forums, and other social sites are so big right now. So whenever you are writing an article, talk to the people; do not just write to them. In other words, you need to write as if you were talking to them. Use smaller words that everyone would use in everyday conversation. Article marketing is a powerful way to promote your business online and build your brand. By writing only 1 article every single day you will create a steady flow of highly targeted traffic to your website.
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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
"Submit Articles", They Say - But is it Just a Complete Waste of Your Time? By Roy Carter

? Everyone tells you to submit articles, don't they? Submitting articles they say, will drive hoardes of traffic to your website or blog. 'Just start writing articles and submit them to the best article directories and you'll have all the traffic you need', they tell you. But is it really true? Well, the answer is 'yes' and 'no'. What do I mean by that? Well, let's look at things a little closer and I will explain. Like a lot of people, when I first started writing articles as a method of generating traffic, I just set right off writing articles and submitting them like a demon! I was like a man possessed! This was the key, I thought. This was the way for me to get tons of visitors to my website. I'll just submit articles to all the best article directories and I'm all set! The result was that very little happened. I didn't see the hoardes of new traffic that everyone had promised. So what did I do wrong? Why didn't it work for me? Well, the fact is, that I hadn't spent any time learning to write and submit articles correctly. My 'bull in a china shop' approach just didn't work because I hadn't learned what was necessary to produce good articles that would be lapped up by the article directories. Nor did my articles excite and interest my readers at that time. So, how could I learn my craft? Should I go and purchase some expensive course about how to write good articles? Well, I suppose I could have done that. The thing is though, it wasn't necessary and here's why... If you actually take the time to look at the best article directories out there, you will find that all the good ones provide all the tutorial information you need. Most of them will actually have sections that will tell you exactly how to write a good article. There will be tutorial topics right there for you to learn from. The trouble is that most people are in too much of a hurry to get started and so they never read this stuff. Big mistake! Not only should you read the tutorial information on these article directories, you should also take the time to look at the best articles on these article directory sites. Believe me, you will learn a lot about writing articles and how they should be constructed just by looking at the most successful articles. They are listed usually in something like a 'Most Read Articles' or Most Popular Articles' section and they hit the top spots for a reason! So learn from them.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Once I took the time to look at why other people's articles were successful, I realised why the top marketers online were so adamant that writing articles was always one of their key methods of traffic generation. Writing good articles is only one part of the process though. It's absolutely essential if you want to achieve success with your article marketing efforts, that you also know how BEST to submit articles to the article directories. Maybe we'll leave that for another article where I'll show you the very BEST way to submit articles.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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