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Where to Post Free Classified Ads By Jason Kay

When you need to post a classified ad, you may think that your only option is your local newspaper. It was once true that classified ads could cost an arm and a leg when you post them with newspapers or other specialized advertising venues. You could pay up to $100 or more for a week of advertising. How Do You Find Free Classified Advertising? The Internet has opened up an entire new world and has changed the way we live. The younger generation uses newspapers much less frequently than older generations. Why use a newspaper when you can get everything for free on the Internet? If you have something the world needs to know about, use a search engine to find free classified advertising services. You will get several pages of responses back. The top few results will be the most popular on the Internet. It is more likely that your advertisement will receive more responses if you use one of these first few companies. Click on one of the advertised companies and visit their website. You can choose to place your ad immediately, or you can look at the website to see what they have to offer. Once you decide which company you want to place your ad with, and ad can be up and running within about 30 seconds. Be careful when considering some of the different companies that offer classified services to make sure that there are no hidden fees. These companies may seem to offer free ads at first, but have costs hidden in the fine print. In some cases, you first have to pay for a set of ads, and then earn a free ad and a later date. This is not free advertising. Monitor Your Results Although there is no cost for any ad that you place, it is still wise to monitor any results that you get. You want to get the exposure that you need to achieve the goals that you set for yourself. Other Free Venues New businesses need exposure without high costs. If you have just opened a business, and you want to get the word out, use every free option open to you. Social networking through pages like Facebook
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and MySpace can help get the word out about your business. You can make your own short video commercial and post it on YouTube. You will just want to make sure that the headline matches your commercial content. Create a blog on one of the free blogger sites. Post interesting content every few days. Visit Internet forums that have topics related to your business. Post your comments to the forums, making sure that your signature has a link to your business. Encourage visitors to subscribe to your blog. This will give you the opportunity to gradually build up a mailing list of potential customers all at no cost to you. Free ads give business owners the opportunity to create exposure to their business without breaking their budgets. Do everything you can to keep the interest high in the people that visit your site. Eventually, they will buy your product. Jason Kay recommends viewing a list of free classified sites at

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Where to Post Classified Ads For Outdoor Gear By Jason Kay

Spring is coming and you have decided that your house needs a good purging. Most likely you have some sports equipment or outdoor gear that you no longer use. You don’t want to just throw it away; you would like to make some cash from it. So what do you do? Classified ads are the best way to list your items and get your outdoor or sports gear sold quickly. All major newspapers have a classified section, so you could contact them or a local paper that is specific to your neighborhood and list the items there. However, in this digital age, most people don’t even bother with physical paper ads anymore, you want to go online and post your items for the biggest response. Here are few sites where you can list your items, usually for free and start clearing out the clutter of your home or garage: – This is a specific site that is dedicated to everything outdoors. You can place a free ad in one of dozens of outdoor categories in one of hundreds of cities. The site is a breeze to navigate and place ads for all your outdoor stuff. They offer everything from camping gear to RV’s. – This is perhaps the largest online classified website there is. It is free to post your ad here and you simply just choose the “for sale” category and place your items you want to sell. Perspective buyers will then click on either your email or the Craigslist email in your ad to contact you about the details of payment, shipment and pickup. – Another specialized outdoor website that has a free classified section to post your outdoor gear. Click on “Gear Trader” in the links section and you will be taken to their classified section. The classified section is broken down into categories so it’s easy to find the section your gear will fit into. You will provide contact details when posting the ad so the buyers can contact you. – This is another site that is dedicated to all things outdoors. They do have a classified section that can be reached through their main page however this is a paid classified section. You need to become a member of their site first. Once you become a member, you can post ads. If you pay to be a member of the site you can post unlimited ads. If you sign up to be a free member you will have to pay $15 to post a boat ad, and $5 for all other ads. This site may be well worth the fees because it is strictly for outdoor items. There is no need to sift and search for outdoor items because it is all categorized for you. Those are just a few of the sites offering an outdoor classified section but there are many sites that are specifically all about outdoor gear and equipment and many of those sites also have a For Sale or classified section. It is best to do a search online for the “classified” and “outdoor gear” to get a more extensive list of sites. Place free local classifieds for new and used outdoor gear and equipment at Buy, sell, and trade camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and sports equipment.

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