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Printed Towels For Advertising – Not Necessarily Drying Hands By Matt Franks

The use of printed towels can help restaurants, hotels, resorts and theme parks in more than one way. Since towels are not cheap, and many of them disappear through the year, a printed name or logo can help keep them at the business, instead of travelling to a new home. Everyone has seen these printed towels while visiting a number of places and thinking about it they do stay in one’s mind. It is not uncommon for guests that have been exposed to these customized towels to remember what color, size and the message printed on them. There are a number of towels that can be used to help promote the business without ever speaking a word. When a client or customer uses one of these printed towels they are reminded the class and professionalism of their visit. This is important because this impression makes a lasting one and helps build a relationship with the customer. If they are happy they will return and likely bring more! Investing in comfort and professionally designed materials will help improve, build and create a socially sound name within the community. With today’s competition, these little extra promotions can increase revenue. There are a variety of towels that can be used to give clients a home like feel. Printed towels can either be bath size, hand size, beach or a range of other sizes. Of course placement of the towels would dictate the size, but having these towels can make the guest more comfortable. If cost is a factor in providing promotional items for a business, one can have a number of printed towels, and matching colors for the others. For example, if a resort is looking to provide some customized towels, yet can not afford to print thousands, they could have one printed towel per room. This is still a stand and can create the same look even though every towel is not a printed one. Customer service is important and while printed towels may not seem like a great deal, it is the message that it sends. With such tough competition amongst businesses, having a little extra for clients or prospective clients can help keep their patronage. Whether it be a hand towel for them at the lavatory sink or a beach towel to dry themselves off after a swim, these are all things that are remembered. When it comes time again, they are more likely to visit the same resort or company. Colors and themes can match the theme or design of the company as well. If a resort has a beach theme, than it would be conducive and help flow with a like theme or color for their beach towels. There are many combinations, styles and materials that can produce beautifully crafted printed towels. Printed towels are relatively inexpensive when looking for promotional items and are a functional item
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for a business as well. Since most of these companies have to purchase towels anyway, they may as well spend a few extra dollars and have their name placed on them for notoriety. Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding (, the UK's largest supplier of printed towels and Promotional Products.  For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit Eco Incentives at

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New HYGI Hand Towels - The Hygienic Way To Dry Your Hands By Tzaf

New HYGI Hand Towels - The Hygienic Way To Dry Your Hands

by Tzaf

BUG ALERT! - How clean is your hand towel? Says A Kirk MSc AIEMA Consultant Environmental Microbiologist - "Ordinary hand towels used at home in kitchens and cloakrooms are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria fuelled by their shared and frequent use, temperature and humidity and a ready source of 'nutritional factors'. In fact, bacteria on a hand towel can multiply from 1 to 3 million in a matter of just four hours, to 1 billion after three days normal use and to 100 billion by the end of the week! So the chances are that once you dry your freshly washed hands with a bacteria ridden towel - they will be even dirtier afterwards" The answer - A world first! Microfibre HYGI HAND TOWELS Anti bacterial Anti Fungal Superabsorbent * Incorporating Ionic Silver Ag+, HYGI HAND TOWELS inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria and fungus including E Coli and Salmonella - effective for the life of the towel. * Neutralise the bacteria that cause odour, mustiness and mildew - and prolongs freshness. * Superabsorbent means that HYGI HAND TOWELS dry hands FASTER. Most people take an average of just 8 seconds to dry their hands, which means that hands are often still damp after drying on an ordinary cotton hand towel. And - damp hands are 1000 times more likely to transfer bacteria! * With Microfibre HYGI Hand Towels you can dry hands thoroughly in just SECONDS! * And it’s THE most cost effective solution to hygienic hand drying. Compared to single use paper towels, a family of four could use up 125,000 paper towels over five years in the home! * All for just £ 6.99 for a HYGI KITCHEN HAND TOWEL and £ 7.99 for a HYGI CLOAKROOM HAND TOWEL. Says David Hardoon BSc Textile Inds " This patented advanced Microfibre textile technology incorporating Ionic Silver Ag+ is a real technical advance. No other hand towel dries hands - faster, more hygienically, more thoroughly and more cost effectively. A must for every home"

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