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									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Are Social Bookmarking Services Worth It? By Matthew Bredel

SEO. Video marketing. Facebook. Article marketing. What is the very best Internet marketing trick you have up your sleeve? Each one of these as well as a plethora of others can bring great results, but there is one Internet marketing technique that seems to result in high search engine page ranks with very little effort sooner than the others. Got your attention now? It’s social bookmarking. Sure, it’s been around for almost a decade now, but social bookmarking has really only caught on in the last few years. And even now there are many Internet marketers who just aren’t sure it is worth the effort. However, the ones who ARE using it know that it is totally worth the effort. What’s so great about social bookmarking services? These websites attract the search engine spiders. For whatever reason, Google and other search engines love the bookmarking sites. IMers have reported that a website registered with a top social bookmarking service can receive a higher search engine ranking within days—as opposed to weeks and even months like other methods. Furthermore, social bookmarking is easy to use. Once you decide on a few online services to try, you will see for yourself how simple it really is. The learning curve is low, which means you are not going to have to spend hours figuring this thing out. Register on a few sites and then spend a little time learning about each site’s unique features and then start submitting your sites and articles. Not sure where to start? You may want to spend some time comparing the different services to determine which one is right for you. Here are the top ten social bookmarking sites to get you started: • • • • • • • • •
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
• Social Bookmarking Tips If you are convinced social bookmarking is for you (and you should be!) signing up for one or more of the above services is obviously your first step. What comes next? • The social aspect comes in when you submit your site to the service, and the search engine spiders begin to crawl your site. Your site is likely to then achieve a higher page rank, which will ultimately increase your site traffic. • If your website contains desired information or something that is of interest to a particular group, you may find that your website gets rated highly within the social bookmarking service. This can result in the kind of site traffic every IMer desires—targeted traffic. • While submitting your sites to the social bookmarking website is important, exchanging social bookmarks with others can really maximize your efforts. It multiplies the times your links are out there for others to see. Plus the more votes your bookmarked pages receive, the more traffic you are likely to entertain. You no longer have a good reason to shy away from social bookmarking. It is a great tool to add to your IM arsenal, especially if you are looking for site traffic sooner than later. As Internet marketing becomes more and more competitive, it pays to have a variety of marketing methods, especially one that plugs you into the world of social marketing so quickly and effectively. For more information about social bookmarking and social bookmarking services online, visit

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
How to Automate Social Bookmarking By Blake Evans

For Internet marketers, social bookmarking is an excellent way to drive free traffic to their websites. It's also a great way to build backlinks to their sites. However, for each network you join, you must fill out a profile, write a description of your URL and finally submit your URL. Now, while this sounds ‘easy’, try doing this for 100 sites. It would end up taking you several days before you get through them all. But if you automate social bookmarking, you can submit as many sites as you need without going through this process. So just how do you automate social bookmarking to keep this task down to a minimum? To automate social bookmarking, you must use a special type of software known as a social bookmarking submitter. To use them, all you have to do is enter in the URL you would like to bookmark. The software will take care of the rest as it will automatically send the bookmarks, provided that you at least have an account opened with whatever network you’re trying to submit to. You will need to update the software with all the accounts you have at each bookmarking site you would like to submit your pages to. Of course, be aware that not everyone thinks you should automate social bookmarking. Many people feel like this spamming the social bookmarking sites. If you use the software to tag too many URLs at one time, you might get flagged for spam. When this happens, your account is usually banned. And, if a network bans you based on your IP address, you may not be able to create a new one without using a completely different computer. So that means don't bookmark your own pages constantly throughout the day, each and every day or you run the risk of being flagged a spammer. If you submit just a few URLs at a time, you probably won’t be on the radar at most social bookmarking networks. Just make sure that you’re not submitting too many URLs from the same site, or other users may still suspect that you’re trying to spam the network. So, with that being said, how does a person get started with social bookmarking submitters? Their best bet is to search what’s available online. Keywords like “automate social bookmarking” or “social bookmarking submitter” should yield what you’re looking for. You may even find submitters that are free-of-charge. In conclusion, if you don’t have time to manually submit your links to social bookmarking services, you could consider automating the process through a social bookmarking submitter. Just be aware that when you automate social bookmarking you do put your account at risk slightly, especially if you send too many URLs at once. So, be cautious if you do decide to use a submitter to automate social bookmarking. As long as you remember to do that, you should have a lot easier time promoting your websites. Are you ready to learn how to get your site ranked in the search engines? Discover how by reading our search engine optimization tips from

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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