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Franklin Township Historic Preservation Commission
Minutes of the Regular Monthly Meeting August 2, 2007

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Franklin Township Municipal Building, 475 DeMott Lane, Somerset, NJ August 2, 2007 The meeting was called to order at 7:35 by Tom Gale, in accordance with the Open Public Meeting Law of 1975. Tom Gale, Susan Goldey, Robert LaCorte, Liz Krauthammer, Barbara Lawrence, Kathryn Orlando, Idaherma Williams Penny Sherwood, Richard Goeke, JoAnn Kaiser, N. Hohnstine Peter Lanfrit, Esq., D. Warren Buonanno, AIA, and Mark Shapov, owner, Rt. 27 School LLP

Review Actions Review of the application of Route 27 School LLP, 3081 Route 27, Franklin Park, NJ, 08823, Re: Request for approval of revised plans to satisfy Planning Board resolution Docket No. PLN 2006-0033 and address HPC recommendations in order to continue use of the former Franklin Park School as a day care center, to demolish two existing residences, to construct a 4,972 SF free standing building at 3081 Route 27, Franklin Park, NJ Block 34.01 Lots 34, 35, 37, 38--Zoned NBH--located within the Franklin Park Local Historic District. File No. 0708021 A motion to approve the revised building plans which incorporate the suggestions previously made by the Historic Preservation Commission was passed, 5:1. These plans substitute a brick facade for the stone one, and provide a color sample (blue) of the raised seam metal roof . (Motion: B. Lawrence, 2nd: R. LaCorte, Opposed: I. Williams) A motion to approve the 99 S.F. monument sign as submitted, with the condition that the brick veneer on the pillars be extended down by one foot, was passed, 5:1. (Motion: L. Krauthammer, 2nd: K. Orlando, Opposed: I. Williams) Tom Gale noted that a fence had been constructed between the property and the adjoining residence. Discussion was dropped as this fence was not included in our previous request for changes.

Informal None Approval of minutes of July 12, 2007 The minutes were approved as submitted. (Motion: R.LaCorte, 2nd: T. Gale) Reports 1. Open Space Advisory Committee – Bob LaCorte reported that the Recreation Advisory Council has commissioned Schoor DePalma to develop plans for active recreation sites –baseball and cricket fields and tennis courts—on the Dunn and Gunther properties. Old Business Brochure Idaherma Williams presented her original woodcut of the Toll Taker’s Hut in Blackwell’s Mills which will be used on the front of the brochure: “Guide for Owners of Historic Properties in Franklin Township.” The

Commisssion was very pleased with the rendition. Liz Krauthammer presented the copy for the six faced trifold publication. The Commission was equally pleased. Tom Gale offered to format the document for printing . 2007 Goals/Action Plan Channel 25 Photo No action Routing System for Construction Permits None Certified Local Government No action

New Business 1. Barbara Lawrence presented a report on the Gunther-Dunn Farms. Ms. Lawrence has studied these properties and has discovered that the historic buildings, in relatively good condition, present a unique opportunity to tell the story of farming in Franklin Township. A great deal of documentation exists to support preservation efforts. Ms. Lawrence has volunteered to approach the Open Space, Recreation, and Agricultural Advisory Commissions with the results of her research to seek their support in preserving these buildings. Correspondence None Public Discussion None Upcoming meetings 1. Township Council re: Zoning change in East Millstone August 14th or September 11th. 2. Open Space re: Historic Preservation Grant Resolution, September 18th 3. Recreation Advisory Council 4. Markers, Signs, and Plaques: Historic Site Identification, Morris County Cultural Center, August 16th. 5. Commission Assistance and Mentoring Program, October 31, 2007 Next HPC Meeting Announcement: September 6, 2007 Adjournment A motion to adjourn was made and passed at 9:48 PM.

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Susan Goldey
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