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									Discover Beijing, travel in china
Palpipante, brimming with activity, Pekin (Beijing) vibrates a very special energy, percepeptible on first contact with the street. Cars, tricycle and pedicab editor to form dust clouds in their continuing struggle for control of the streets. Cyclists and children playing are a pell-mell into the hutong (alleyways) where reigns the sweet smell of the kitchen. In the background, arms workers of buildings with their yellow helmets, redraw the skyline. Amidst all this turmoil, thousands of curious visitors are caught in the mystery of monuments like the forbidden city, to leave which they discover the vastness of Tiananmen Square. Until the 2008 Olympics, Beijing is getting a makeover. The cranes are swinging above the skyscrapers, gleaming malls and metro lines under construction. Sites modern mingle with older buildings. The reasons for going to Beijing and do not miss the Olympic Games provides an opportunity for the capital to unveil the world more Beijing tourist site not to be missed Tiananmen Square: The seeing hundreds of times on TV does not change the emotion felt by placing first eyes on this huge site steeped in history. Imperial seat of power, it was then banned for Beijingers who COMMENTT a crime just by looking. On 1 October 1949 is that the Chinese people flocked to hear Mao proclaimed the founding of the Republic of China. Forbidden City: For five centuries, the walls of the Forbidden City have drawn a line between enpereur impassable and people. Beautifully preserved, the palace has been opened for the first time publicly in 1949. The people could finally enter the world of emperors, eunuchs, ceremony and splendor. The Forbidden City was home to 14 emperors of Ming and Qing rulers 10. Summer Palace: In the vast park of the Summer Palace, 12 km northwest of Center in Beijing, the imperial family and entourage were fleeing the sweltering heat of the capital. Today, the site is suitable for day trips. Program: viste, pronemade walk along the wooded pathways and by boat on Lake Kunming. Lama Temple: The fidèlent are likely to come and worship in this temple, the most colorful of Beijing, which is filled with tapestries, frescoes and spirals of incense. The magnificent architecture of the buildings are well maintained, making it one of the most popular of the Chinese capital. The Great Wall of China at Badaling: Long over 5000 kilometers, the Great Wall of China once linked the neck shandain on the east coast to Jiayu Pass in the Gobi desert. Over time, whole sections have collapsed, tandisque others have been eroded by the wind. If the idea of facing the crowds of Badaling put you off, opt for Simatai. Be aware however that the section requires good physical condition. Shopping in Beijing Shopping malls and department stores flourished around the capital. Shopping has become a key growth semiochemical and a major hobby of Beijingers. Consumers roam the intractable troittoirs morning, noon and evening. However, to make real discoveries, visit the antiques market because that is where the trained eye can find treasures.

Neighborhoods trader: For branded items, go to the southern section of Wangfujing Dajie, reserved for pedestrians, and in Jianguomenwai Dajie. Small creators trendy Sanlitun multiplies and streets around the stadium workers. Xidan Beidajie attracts young gans that lend themselves to the pleasure of frenzied shopping vitrimes. Shopping malls and department stores have fixed prices and is not customary to haggle. However, the tradition of haggling continues on markets. Please visit: Most attractive place in the world

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