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msword template invoice


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									Wolfskin Inc
Wolfskin Inc. . 20 Street . San Francisco . California 41564

John Smith ABDC Inc. 11 First Street San Francisco California 41564 USA

20 Street San Francisco California 41564 USA Tel. +1 989 1698 Fax. +1 989 1699

San Francisco, 14.10.2008

Letter Template: Invoice

Dear Mr Smith, Thank you for your order. May we admit to give the license costs as follows: Description Produkt A Quantity 1 VAT. (19%) Net price Gross price Pric $19,00 Subtotal $19,00 $2,63 $16,36 $19,00

We look forward to doing business with you again. Please you transfer the amount within the next 14 days to the account indicated down Yours sincerely, William Booteh

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Bank IBAN US1233545359088 VAT Nr.

Wolfskin Inc. San Francisco California USA

20 Street San Francisco California 1234 USA Tel. +1-989-1698 Fax +1-989-1698

William Booth

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