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									                        Please enjoy this guideline

Thank You               on writing thank you
                        notes, as well as a selec-
                        tion of thank you verses,
                        courtesy of

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Building A Thank You Note
Formal thank you etiquette dic-             The 2nd Sentence – Mention the        gift Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and for cele-
tates that a hand written note is      gift received and use descriptive          brating on the dance floor along
required. The notion is that the       words to tell the gift giver what you      side us on our special day. ”
gift giver took the time and cared     think of the gift. Appropriate words
                                       are: appropriate, generous, beauti-            The final Sentence – End your
enough to purchase you a gift;
                                       ful, charming, elegant, lovely, per-       thank you note with a heartfelt and
you can easily show your grati-
                                       fect, special, unique, useful.             sincere closing. Some options in-
tude by sending a personal thank                                                  clude: “Fondly,” “Best Regards,”
you note. A phone call or email             The 3rd Sentence – Tell the gift      “Sincerely,” “Cordially,” “Love,”
is not considered appropriate          giver how you plan to use the gift in
mediums for communicating your         your home or life. If a monetary gift      Let’s Put It All Together
thanks so let us begin!                was received, do not repeat the            Dear Mr. & Mrs. Smith,
                                       amount, or whether it was cash or
    Salutation – “Dear Mr. & Mrs.      cheque. An example of how to               Dan & I would like to thank you. The crystal
Smith”…this section is pretty self-    thank a gift giver for a monetary gift     wine glasses are styled in timeless elegance
explanatory!                           is as follows: “Your generous gift is      and their detailed stems make them extra
                                       much appreciated. We have ear-             special. We look forward to enjoying many
    The 1st Sentence – Begin with      marked it for our home improvement         evenings with family and friends, sharing a

yourself and your spouse to let the    fund”                                      glass of wine in these beautiful glasses!
                                                                                  Thank you again for your lovely gift and for
reader know who is writing and
                                            The 4th Sentence – Thank the          sharing our special day with us.
thanking them!
    “Dan and I would like to thank     person again and include a personal
you”                                   note about your relationship with
                                       them, or a special moment shared           Dan & Jane
                                       on your wedding day. An example
                                       follows: Thank you again for your

 Dizzy Brides is a proud member        Remember!
    of the Clarington Board of         Write your cards promptly after you receive your gifts. 1 month is
 Trade and the Ontario Chamber         ideal, 3 months is pushing it!
          Of Commerce.
                                       Be sincere and speak in your own voice. Avoid language that does
                                       not reflect your sentiments or your natural speaking style, as your
                                       message may be perceived as forced or insincere.
Sample Verses
Here are a variety of sample verses you may incorporate into
your own thank you message.

This note brings sincere thanks for the lovely gift you sent. We just wanted to
let you know how much it meant.

We wish to express the joy we feel, remembering that you shared the begin-
ning of our new life together. Thank you for your thoughtful wedding gift.
                                                                                            Dizzy Brides is a proud
With sincere appreciation, we both send thanks to you for the very lovely gift
                                                                                                member of the
and for your thoughtful wishes too.
                                                                                             Sensational Wedding
A loving note can barely say all we felt on our special day. A heartfelt                           Vendors.
thanks is sent to you for your thoughtful gift and your wishes too.
                                                                                          4th Generation photographer and a
Thank you for enriching our happiness with your lovely wedding gift. We feel              wedding fanatic, Jen Lewis has what it
blessed to have received it.                                                              takes to capture your wedding day
You have truly enriched our happiness with your lovely gift. Thank you for
giving us a lasting memory of your kindness and generosity.
                                                                                          Photography with panache! Eve has a
                                                                                          a colourful history in photography and
Thank you for adding to the joyous spirit of our wedding with your presence               takes a modern approach to wedding
and lovely gift.                                                                          shoots.

One thank you for the gift, and another for your thoughtfulness. A dozen        
                                                                                          A stunning venue for your nuptials,
thank you’s wouldn’t be enough to tell you the happiness you’ve given us!
                                                                                          and one of our local neighbours too!

Your brought joy to our day, warmth to our lives and happiness to our hearts.             For a complete listing of our partners,
Thank you for your presence and your thoughtful gift on our wedding day.                  click here.

It was wonderful to have you there to share our special day. Thank you so
much for just taking part and helping us celebrate the day our new life
started.                                                                                           Remember!
Thank you for your presence and the joy you shared. Thank you for the lovely                We also carry invitations,
gift you gave and for your loving prayers.                                                  gifts and favors for baby
                                                                                          showers, baptisms and chris-
Your thoughtfulness helped make our wedding day all sweetness and light.                  tenings, birthdays, gradua-
Thank you very much.                                                                      tions, retirements and every
                                                                                             celebration in between!
We appreciate your wedding gift far more than words can say, and so this
comes with many thanks from both of us today.                                             Our Dizzy Baskets line offers
                                                                                           corporate or custom made
You took the time to worship as we became husband and wife. Thank you for
                                                                                          gift baskets made with style
your prayers and gifts as we set out on our new life.
                                                                                            and taste. Our signature
                                                                                           styles are unlike any other
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