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					Book Report

Name-Lucia Date-May 17,2000

Name of Book-Goblin’s Don’t Play Video Games Main Characters-Melony, Lisa, Howie, Eddie and Mr. Goble Number of Pages-82 Where you found it in the Library-Fiction J. What is the story about-The story starts with Melony buying a new video game. The video is the game of zapping goblins. Lisa calls her but she never comes to play because she’s so wrapped up in her new video game trying to get to the next level. Then she saw a person moving into the old house on her street. But then Melony and her friends realized that the haunted house in her video game looked exactly like the haunted house on her street. Then they saw mover’s moving lots of computer equipment into the house. Then they saw the door of the house squeak open and standing there was a little stooped man that wore gray clothes and had a gray mustache, even his skin was gray. The next day they met under the big oak tree at school. Lisa was complaining that she had the worst dream of her life, she dreamed that she was being chased by a gray monster through Bailey Cemetery. Howie was complaining that he never got any sleep because someone was playing an organ after midnight. They were worried the next day because Melony wasn’t at school yet and she was never late for school, but then they saw her walking slowly down the sidewalk toward the playground with her hand held video game. She was concentrating so much on her game that she bumped right into Lisa. Your going to bump into a tree Lisa warned. That day at school the four friends were surprised that the little gray man was our new computer teacher. Melony was playing her video game in computer class. Mr.Goble caught her and took it away. Mr. Goble was trying to play the game and by the end of the class he was on the eighth level. After computer class something strange happened, the lights went out and the kids were in total darkness and then they heard a loud laughter echo through the hallway. When they went to their classroom Mrs. Jeeper’s their teacher was writing multiplication problems on the board, but when she was writing her chalk snapped in half. Then they heard a loud BANG!!! At the back of the classroom the bookshelf had fallen apart. Then they heard a big knock at the door. The next day after school they met by the big oak tree because Lisa had to tell them something important, but Eddie was so hungry that he had to eat but Lisa had to tell them this. There were about 10 men and women fixing the outside of the house, now it actually looks like a mansion, Eddie said to his friends. They read the instructions, it said if you wanted to get rid of the Master Goblin and followers they’d have to get to the tenth level. The next day they walked into the classroom and to their amazement they found the books were lined up neatly. Not even a speck of dust was on the ground. The next day Melony had something to show her friends, she had herbal food. Lisa asked Melony why they needed herbal food. Melony told her that goblins can not stand messes. They went into the school really early and started spreading the herbal food all over the floor. When Mrs. Jeepers arrived she asked the children why they were there,

they were looking for Mr. Goble , as he had gotten a job somewhere else said Mrs. Jeepers. So they went into the computer room and saw the big mess, then Howie threw a handful of cheese popcorn at Lisa and said goblins don’t play video game after all!!!

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