genetic engineering essay by rahulbose


									Greg Essakow B-2 May 10, 2002

Genetic engineering is a very interesting project. Genetic engineering is when a scientist uses a certain technique to change the DNA of a living organism. DNA is commonly looked at as a blueprint. The living organism relies on the DNA for the management of the biochemical process. The way an organism turns out when it is full matured it all depends on the DNA make up of the organism. Scientist do Genetic engineering by taking a piece of the plants DNA or other knows as they take a gene from the organism. By cutting the genes from these organism scientists are learning how to customize a DNA from taking genes from other organisms. The gene that scientist takes and out it my fruit the Tomato is a fish gene which keep the tomato cold and cool. Genetic Engineering is a very complex thing but when you think about it is all very logical. They put a fish gene is a tomato why would they do that? Then you would think that that would be a bad idea but it isn’t it helps the fruit and the way it grows. With the fish gene inside it keep the tomato cold even though usually tomato’s frost very easily. Since tomato’s have this gene inside of them it helps the farmers because therefore they tomato season will last longer because the tomato’s will be able to handle the cold weather.

The size of the environmental risk associated with the growing of genetically engineered crops is relative the total area cultivated. In addition, there are ecological risks associated with large-scale release that will not be detected by small-scale studies. To fully understand these risks requires knowledge of the acreage of genetically engineered crops. Another problem is antibiotic resistance marker genes. For example is a man is allergic to fish and he picks up a tomato to eat and has no idea that there is a fish gene inside the tomato and he eats it and then falls down dead what will they be able to do about that thy will get sewed and maybe worse.

I think that genetic engineering is wrong in many ways. Why should scientist try and change the way a fruit taste or even if they add more protein. G-d has made the fruit the way it is for a reason and if he wanted it any other way he would have done it that way. These genes that they put in the fruits and vegetables can hurt someone. People do not all now about the genes and therefore might be allergic to them and from those genes get very ill. So I think that if they were meant to be without the extra gene then it should stay that way.

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