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					City of Champions James E. Harrington - Mayor
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“Power Plant still NOT good for Brockton”
Mayor meets with the proponents of Brockton Power, but nothing is changed!
BROCKTON – February 12, 2009: Mayor James E. Harrington met today with the proponents and officials of Brockton Clean Energy, a company proposing to build a gas and diesel power plant in the City of Champions. Despite pleas and an incentive based sales pitch, the Mayor reiterated his opposition to the power plant. “These are financially hard times, and it is hard to say “no” to business development, but I refuse to trade the health and well-being of my constituents for any price”, said Mayor James E. Harrington. “Regardless of promises of potential benefits to the City of Brockton, and the supposed improvements in the design, this plant is still NOT good for our City and is not something that I can in good faith endorse”. The Mayor and the City of Brockton has spent thousands of dollars and countless of hours opposing the building of the 350 megawatt power plant in the City. The Mayor along with several elected officials testified in front of the state’s Energy Facilities Siting Board, siting possible health impacts, and the location of the plant near homes and schools. Although the board tentatively approved a construction permit, it placed a condition on the permit requiring that the plant is cooled using treated city wastewater which requires a two-thirds vote by the Brockton City Council. The board also rejected a request by Advanced Power for a “comprehensive exemption” from all local zoning and planning review, giving the last say to the city’s boards and commissions. The City of Brockton has long been a leader in innovative technologies. Recently, The Mayor was awarded the City Livability Awards Program, sponsored by The U.S. Conference of Mayors and Waste Management, recognized his leadership for developing and implementing programs that improve the quality of life in America's cities. Seeking transition from its industrial past, the city of Brockton, and Mayor Harrington created the Brownfields to Brightfields Program to redevelop a former brownfield site into a 425-kilowatt solar energy generating station. After a challenging six-year process, the former home to a manufactured gas plant has been transformed into a solar energy park with attractive landscaping and an educational park. The Brownfields to Brightfields Program has inspired numerous other solar installations in Brockton, and is currently the largest brightfield nationwide and largest solar power plant in New England For questions and/or further information with regards to this release, please contact the Mayor’s Office at (508)-580-7123. You can also obtain additional information by visiting the City of Brockton’s Web site at: ###