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Underhanded – Sneaky – Devious – Deceitful – Cunning – y g Crafty Winding Road to Survival, Stability and Extreme Fundamental Success
By Gregory Bodenhamer Ph.D. Persistent Human Development Touring Company
No Distribution Rights Allowed ‐ Gregory Bodenhamer PeopleNology Copyright 2009 Protected Any attempt to copy and paste text words pictures violates the Intellectual copy rights and each infraction $10 000 plus legal collection fees and other $10,000. costs. The Dastardly Management Coaching Guidebook Ebook Text Picture Word Seminar is for Single Use Presentation Only. PeopleNology gives no rights for distribution without prior written approval and authority from Nollijy Franklin University Question to GregoryBodenhamer@Live Protected by Law Star Constellation New York C t ll ti N Y k

Coaching expert specialist qualified Survival authority Guidebook by Gregory Bodenhamer Train Educate Discipline Teach PeopleNology Prepare Instruct Tutor Initiate Free School Lecture Inform Update Report Enlighten PeopleNology Tell Explain Presentation Staging Production Management Tutorial Discussion Round Table Manager Supervisor Director Ownership Guide Show Steer Lead Conduct Channel Funnel Point Pilot Program Leader Escort Director Conductor Tour guide Handbook Guidebook Manual Instruction Manual Instruction Book Booklet Free Encyclopedia Almanac Index List Information Fact Listing Register labor‐ intensive blue‐collar proletarian part‐time unpaid proletarian recreational professional layperson proletarian qualified proficient skilled trained practiced certified licensed pro knowledgeable connoisseur good judge aficionado enthusiast PeopleNology Gregory Bodenhamer Mechanicsburg Pa 17055 Nollijy Franklin University Research Institute Arts Sciences Psychology Evolution Human Mind Traits Instincts Behavior Mental States Characteristic Temperament Exhibited Engaged Effort Activity Results Compliance Profit Service Revenue Growth Sales Operations Administration Marketing Process Control Clever Action Planning Steps Influence Persuade Convince Plead your case Sway Argue Dissuade Win over Change somebody’s mind Make somebody believe you Discourage Copyrighted Intellectual Thinker Academic Scholar Rational Logical Cerebral Scholarly Copyright 022009

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