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How to Find the Right Kitchen Designer in Sydney By Paige Pasqual

Who designs kitchens in Sydney and how can you be sure they are right for you? Anyone can project a corporate image using the internet these days. There are companies offering kitchens in Sydney that have created websites that make their operations look more impressive and substantial than they really are. Creative marketing and slick studio produced images are relatively easy to arrange and you will find many kitchen design companies in Sydney using this to their advantage. Web based commerce is quickly replacing the old conventional bricks & mortar storefronts that used to be found around Sydney. Whilst this may work well when purchasing CDs or a laptop, you would not expect to purchase a quality kitchen this way. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for new kitchens in Sydney: •When researching a new kitchen, look for more than a slick image. •Visit the showroom to view their kitchens. •Are the kitchen displays up to date and in order? •Are the kitchens actually on display in Sydney, or are they only photos? •A showroom will give you an indication of what to expect for your project. If you’re looking for a kitchen in Sydney, but the showroom is in another state, it’s best to keep looking! •Ask to visit the factory where the kitchens are made. •Is the factory well laid out? Is it clean? Is it safe? •Look up company records. •Check license and insurance details. •Look for companies that have established track records for kitchen designs. •Look for continuous company ownership. •Visit consumer affairs sites- check for performance records. •Meet the staff at the showroom. Ask about the team. •A well run company will be happy for you to meet staff and are proud of their kitchen showroom and Sydney-based factory. •Ask to visit past clients’ homes. •Ask to view portfolios of past jobs in Sydney. A good kitchen design company gets a lot of repeat work.
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•A good company will have countless names of past clients to offer. •Have they worked in the Sydney area? •A good company will attract clientele from a wide area and will be able to cater for regional/interstate work as well as local Sydney work. •Find out exactly what is on offer. •Does the company split kitchen contracts and subcontract or does the company offer a complete service? •Beware of split contracts as they are often to avoid statutory insurance obligations •Does the company offer comprehensive kitchen design services? •Does the company offer comprehensive kitchen installation services? •Does the company supervise all aspects of your job? •Will the company travel outside of Sydney to do work and follow-up visits? •Does the company offer a full service warranty? •Does the company offer long warranty periods (min 7 years)? •Ask the company for referrals from past kitchen clients in Sydney. •Try to find companies that have been in business for many years and that can demonstrate continuity of ownership and teamwork which give actual value to a warranty period. Educating yourself before purchasing a new kitchen will not only save you money and time now, but also prevent any troublesome issues from occurring in the future. Danish Designer Kitchens in Sydney offers customized kitchen designs for your home. ( Visit their site for more information about kitchens in Sydney.(

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5 Things to Do Before Starting A Kitchen Design Project By James Mahoney

In deciding on what to do in hiring a kitchen designer a well thought out plan is necessary for any kitchen design project to be successful. A good kitchen designer should be able to work with you to create the design that will both fit your desires and needs and that squares with your budget. 1. How Much Are You Willing To Spend? Level with the designer just how much you will be willing to spend on your kitchen design project. Let the designer know just what you would feel comfortable spending. This way you can insure that the designer and contractor will have a clear direction on where to go with the project and not go overboard. They will have a good idea of the limits when drawing up plans and selecting materials. 2. How Much Time Are You Willing To Devote? You need to consider what your personal needs are and if you will be able to work around the necessary construction in your kitchen. By consulting with an experienced kitchen designer you can get a good idea of how long your kitchen design project will take by providing a timeline that your family can plan around. 3. What Style Are You Planning For Your Kitchen Design Project? You want to give the kitchen designer as much information as possible. You need to do as much research as possible before your meeting with a kitchen designer. First you should consult with design magazines and catalogs to get an idea of what style and design elements you would like to see for your kitchen. To compile more ideas visit kitchen design showrooms, check out products and design on the internet and take notes. What are your likes and dislikes regarding color and styles. Make a scrapbook with clips from the magazines and catalogs, as well as examples of materials and design elements you would like to see in the kitchen. Use these to show the kitchen designer what your vision is for the new kitchen. Also bring a list of questions for your kitchen designer. 4. How Do You Use Your Kitchen? You need to be prepared for questions that a kitchen designer will ask you when you first meet with him. Among the questions that you need to ask yourself before talking to your kitchen designer are: Will you be doing a lot of entertaining with family and friends? Is your family busy during the week with lots of activities? You should also fine out what other family members have in the way of ideas. 5. How To Prepare For Your Kitchen Design Project? You will need to prepare for the disruption that will be caused by your kitchen design project. But with the right planning you can make the project run as smoothly and a quickly as possible. You need to make sure that the kitchen design project area and the living area are separate for both safety reasons and to stay out of the way of the contractor and his crew. You might have to set up a temporary kitchen in another room of the house. What time of the year you schedule a kitchen design project can make it easier on everyone since in the warmer months it is possible to eat and cook outdoors.

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James Mahoney is the author of many kitchen design articles and has a site about kitchen design ideas at Kitchen Designers� He also publishes a newletter on kitchen design.

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