How To Create A Luxury Home With Your Current Home

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How To Create A Luxury Home With Your Current Home By Jena Luthovski

French doors, spiral stairwells, master bedrooms with a view and a home theater. These are the remnants of a luxury home. Many home owners feel that they have to buy a brand new house with all the perks in order for them to be considered a luxury homeowner. That is not the case anymore. Many people are renovating their present homes and converting them into hi-tech luxury suites. Then there are those who take luxury home decorating a step further. They purchase handyman specials for a fraction of the cost of what it would cost to purchase a new home in a development. They invest a certain amount of money to have the house completely renovated. You can save thousands of dollars by renovating your own house. If you have a five bedroom house and you have a small family, you can convert a bedroom into an amphitheater if it’s large enough. You can have a large flat screen TV or a large screen with surround sound installed in your mini theater. Place a row or 2 of reclining chairs with cup holders. You can even have an electrician to install a special lighting in your mini theater. As the movie rolls, the lights can be automatically dimmed. When the movie is complete, the lights can be automatically, yet slowly, come back on. Luxurious Bedroom Suite How do you convert a mediocre bedroom into a luxury suite or a replica of the Waldorf Astoria? Add a little luxury to your bedroom. By having your bedroom remodeled will actually add more value to your home. First, you must get rid of your old queen sized bed and replace it with a king size suite. You may choose to ad soft plush wall to wall carpeting or choose the natural look of oak. Have a chandelier or a ceiling fan installed above your bed. A bedroom is not complete with out a 1920’s style canopy. If you have a balcony with sliding glass doors, have them replaced with gorgeous French doors. Whether you live in a warm environment or cold, install a gas operated or electric fireplace in your bedroom. If your master bedroom suite doesn’t have a lounge or bathroom attached, you can have one installed. The perfect bathroom suite has a mini-lounge are, mother and daughter sinks and a Jacuzzi. All luxury bathrooms should have windows with a view of a persons back yard or flower garden. You can find out a plethora of information on luxury home decorating on the Internet or at a retail bookstore. Jena Luthowski writes about, and Remodeling Coupons.
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Guide To Working With Luxury Home Builders In Florida By Andy West

If your best friend told you that she was working with luxury home builders in Florida, would you be jealous? If so, you might want to learn a little bit more about what it means to work with a builder who will custom design the home of your dreams in a location where you'd love to live. Most people assume that they can't afford to have this type of home. The word “luxury" is often misleading; it doesn't have to mean “too expensive". Most people can find a way to work with luxury home builders to create the home that they have always dreamed of having; they just need to be creative in their approach. The first thing that a homeowner needs to realize is that there is more than one definition of the word luxury. Most people assume that it's synonymous with pricey but that's not always the case. Luxury is defined as something which is an indulgence rather than a necessity. When you think about it you can see that defines many of the home choices we make. We need to have shelter; we don't need to have a two-car garage or a kitchen filled with the newest appliances. In other words, we already make choices in our homes that are based on luxury. Working with luxury home builders in Florida simply lets us actually focus on the areas of the home where we would really like to indulge. Before you begin working with luxury home builders in Florida, you should sit down and think about what you really want in a home. Sketch it out. Think about what each room would look like if you could have exactly what you wanted. Focus on the little details that will really make you feel like every day is an indulgence. For example, you might think that it's “too luxurious" to have a bathroom shower with dual shower-heads or to have both a Jacuzzi and a pool in the backyard. Don't censor yourself; simply sketch out the ideal luxury home that you would get if you had all of the money in the world. Next, go through your sketches with a set of highlighter markers. Ask yourself which of these little indulgences are absolutely necessary to making your home the home of your dreams; highlight these areas in one color. Next, highlight the areas that you would like to incorporate into the design of the home but which you could probably give or take in terms of how much they're going to add luxury to your daily life. And finally, use a third color to highlight those areas of the sketch that you're not quite sure about, indifferent to or want assistance in fleshing out. With these sketches in hand, you're reading to begin working with luxury home builders in Florida to create a dream home that is both ideal and realistic. After you've done this kind of groundwork, you should begin interviewing luxury home builders in Florida to find the builders that are best for you. Show them your sketches and ask what their ideas would be for working with what you have in mind. Ask them for a guesstimate on the price of such a home and also ask for areas in which they can help you save on the cost. Make sure that you choose luxury home builders in Florida who have experience in the field but who are also people that you naturally feel comfortable working with. By taking the time to really think through your design and then to find the home builders that are going to work best for you, you'll be starting off on a really strong foundation. That's exactly what any good home needs. Andy West is a freelance writer for luxury home builders in Florida.  For more information please visit

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