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Kitchen cabinets and complete kitchen remodeling have become some of the most popular do-it-yourself projects for homeowners. These projects will require time and work, but will effectively enhance the look of your home while adding value to your hom Click here to know more

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Granite Kitchen Countertops Sealing By Daniel Roshard

For more than a decade now, granite has been the choice of numerous homeowners for their kitchen countertops. In line with this, a company called Monticello Granite, Ltd. introduced nationally available countertops made of granite with a 25-year warranty for the first time in 2002. Granite cost can differ considerably, depending on the edging, finish and thickness of the slab. The material may really be expensive, but many people who remodel their kitchens love it so much. If they cannot afford to equip their kitchen with granite countertops, they use granite for at least one section (like the kitchen island) to give the room a more stylish look; while those who can afford also choose to have a granite sink installed together with their countertops, creating a fine-looking and flawless kitchen. Granite kitchen countertops are no doubt the most popular and expensive choice among the available countertop materials in the market nowadays. With this in mind, let’s find out more about granite. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about it: • What makes granite the toughest building rock? Granite is created through the solidification of magma or molten rock under the pressure of the earth’s crust. It is composed of mica, quartz, feldspar, and other minerals, making it one of the toughest rocks in the world. In fact, it has been utilized in the construction of buildings and decorating them as well over the centuries. Not only that, granite withstands wear-and-tear applications, making it suitable for interior and exterior flooring. It is also not affected by freeze-thaw cycles when used outdoors. • Is it easy to seal granite? Good news. It is far easier to polish granite than furniture. Just spray on the sealer and wipe it off with a piece of cloth. Voila! Your granite kitchen countertop is sealed! No scrubbing or buffing is involved and a quarter of sealant will last for as long as you live. • How much do granite kitchen countertops cost? Per square foot of installed granite counters can cause from $70 to $90. You can save much money,
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however, by buying granite tiles instead, which cost approximately $20 per square foot, but of course there will be lines between the tiles. What is your best bet in terms of kitchen countertop material again? If you would like to be chic, try using granite for your kitchen countertop today! Kitchen cabinets can make your whole kitchen look and feel different, using valuable space and brining in more functionality into a kitchen cabinets can be the one change that your home needs. Learn more about Kitchen Design and Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets at

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Granite Countertops - The Sign Of Quality By M. Jedediah

Granny Clampett may not have known it, but she probably whipped up a possum and collard greens on granite countertops. Granite countertops and other stone are fixtures of mansions like the one featured in "The Beverly Hillbillies." Once granite countertops were only found in high-end homes. Granite countertops are now becoming more popular in everyday homes as well, despite its cost. Many homeowners will settle for less expensive carpet or paint just to have granite countertops in their kitchen or bathroom. Why do people like granite countertops? Many homeowners are attracted to their looks. Granite is a natural substance that looks natural as well. You can find granite countertops to match almost any decor for the kitchen or bathroom. But since granite countertops are made of natural materials, you are limited in your color choices to those found in nature. Granite countertops come in several different finishes. These can be polished or matte look. Tumbled looks have more rounded edges. The granite can be honed for a smoother look. A flamed granite countertop is torched to give a textured look. No two pieces of granite are alike so don't be surprised if the granite countertops installed in your home are different from the samples you chose. Only if you ask the contractor to see the exact granite they will use for your kitchen or bathroom can you be assured of the look of your granite countertops. A contractor or other home improvement professional can explain any differences. Granite countertops can take almost any type of abuse heaped on them by busy housewives or careless children. Unlike laminate countertops, you can place a hot pot or pan directly on granite countertops and it won't damage them. You don't need a cutting board if you are chopping vegetables on a granite countertop since it is impossible for even the sharpest knife to penetrate the stone surface. Southern housewives love to roll out their biscuit dough right onto their granite countertops without having to worry about damage. Cleaning granite countertops is simple. Mild detergent or soap will keep your granite countertops looking like new. You will want to avoid abrasive cleaners and those that are very acidic. Use a soft cleaning cloth on the granite countertops and avoid using scouring pads. Granite countertops are expensive. To cover a typical kitchen island, the price can range from $70 to $100 per square foot. To cut these costs, you may want to use granite countertops in an area that is more visible to visitors and use a cheaper form of laminate countertops in other areas. The fact that granite countertops need to be resealed each year adds to the cost. It is good idea to use a professional contractor to install and reseal the granite countertops. You don't want to spend more money trying to repair damage because you tried to do it yourself. Most home improvement stores sell granite countertops. Several online stores also sell granite countertops. Both retailers and online stores sometimes offer deals that will help cut the costs of your granite countertops. Still looking for the perfect counter tops? Try visiting - a website that specializes in providing counter top advice, tips and resources including information on granite

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