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Go Sleek For Your New Bathroom Vanity by toriola1


									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Go Sleek For Your New Bathroom Vanity By Alex Zidan

When redecorating your bathroom there are many different settings you need to keep in mind, and many different components you need to consider. The color scheme, overall feel, and the emotion your bathroom gives off are just the beginning. For example, do you want a clean sterile bathroom, a homey welcoming guest bathroom, or a cutely themed bathroom? You will have to decide on the overall theme before you can proceed any farther in the process. After you make this decision, there is one key piece of your bathroom that can either make or break your theme, the bathroom vanity. Think about it, besides the toilet the number one thing people see when they enter the bathroom is the bathroom vanity. After using the restroom almost everyone stops to check their appearance in the mirror. Rather it is a female adjusting their makeup, or a male checking to see if his shirt is tucked in properly, the mirror is the center of attention in your bathroom. Even public restrooms usually have bathroom vanity mirrors, even if they lack any presence besides tacky on the side of a cement wall. Obviously this is the feel you want for your own bathroom, but you can be sure that people will notice if you pick your mirror out in haste because this one wall hanging is either going to make or break the theme of your restroom. If you want an impressive bathroom, you are going to have to start with the bathroom vanity. Bathrooms can be cheap and inexpensive to decorate since the bathroom furniture is most likely not going to need changing as the sink, toilet, and shower are usually going to stay fixed to the walls. Thus all you really need are a few accessories and a new layer of paint. Therefore, there is only one expensive centerpiece to your bathroom décor that you actually need to think about for more than a minute, the bathroom vanity. This is going to require thought and consideration if you want your final product to be sleek and shiny. You can make the rest of your decorations out of this world, but if the visual focus does not sell your guests, then you have missed the mark. For a sleek and fashionable bathroom, you are going to want to choice a nice gold or silver plated bathroom vanity depending on the color of your blinds/curtains and overall theme. Metals are nice in the bathroom because they typically are waterproof and clearly stand out against the stark white colors of a typical bathroom.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

Bathrooms that are made with stainless steel fixtures look especially nice with the compliment of a silver bathroom vanity. In the same way, if your fixtures are a brassy color you might go with a gold plate. Whichever you choose, make sure that the metal fits into the general color scheme of the bathroom if you want to create a cohesive overall effect. With a little time and effort, you can have a bathroom that is just as impressive as the rest of your home. This Article is brought to you by the team at Quality Bathroom Vanities. For more information about Bathroom Vanity Furniture Contact them at 1-866-44-Decor or by visiting

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Bringing Your Bathroom Vanity to the Present Day By Alex Zidan

When creating a new design for your bathroom there are aspects that need to be addressed before applying it to your bathroom. You need to come up with a custom color theme that will set off your guests’ emotions. For instance, are you looking for a simple bathroom, warm and inviting, or one with a theme throughout that is set with wallpaper borders? It is your decision on what you want the theme to be when everything is finished. When you are ready to apply your design, you need to make sure that you have found the right piece of your puzzle so can place your theme in stone, your customized bathroom vanity. The reason that your guests use your bathroom is mainly for the toilet but they also notice the detail of your bathroom vanity when entering into the room. When heading out the exit most people stop to look at their appearance. The vanity mirror is used for make up touch ups or just to see how they look before continuing on their way. The common public restroom has a mirror placed over the bathroom vanity. This gives off lack experience when design a bathroom. This type of set up should not be in a public bathroom it should be present in your own home. When choosing your mirror make sure that it can be used in your theme or you will lose the feel you want in your bathroom. If you out to impress everyone that steps into your bathroom, you need to start it with a personalized bathroom vanity. Bathrooms supplies can be worked into your budget because all the major pieces are already set in place. The only thing that you have full control over is the vanity and the mirror. You can also add some new paint to the walls and some accessories that will liven up the room. The piece that can get expensive and take some time to decide on is your bathroom vanity. This is where you are going to be required to settle on a particular piece that will fit into your theme and give off a sleek feel for your bathroom. You may accessorize your entire bathroom but does not mean you fit everything together which will give your guests mixed signals about your type of style. When focusing on a sleek bathroom, you will need to make a choice on a silver or gold antiqued bathroom vanity, it all depending on the theme colors and color you decided on for your blinds or roman shades. Metallic tones work so nicely in a bathroom. The reasoning behind that is that metals noticeable against brilliant white which is used often in the common bathroom. If your bathroom includes a silver toned bathroom vanity then a stainless steel set of fixtures will compliment it very well. Just like if you use brass fixtures, they work well with a gold antiqued vanity. When choosing a metal to be used in your bathroom, make sure it will compliment the chosen color scheme and gives you the effect you want. This Article is brought to you by the team at Quality Bathroom Vanities. For more information about Bathroom Vanity Furniture Contact them at 1-866-44-Decor or by visiting

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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