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Electric Blanket For a Comfy Doze Off By Getar

People long for an ultimate sleeping comfort during the cold winter nights. Taking advantage of electricity power, electric blankets are a valuable commodity and a good investment in the comfort require during the bone chilling season. In early 1990s, the electric blankets were invented but they were bulky and dangerous and it was then considered as an oddity to legitimate consumer products. Not until the 1920s that this apparatus were appealing to the public and made a way into the consumer market. Electric blanket is integrated with electrical heating device placed above the sheet. It uses adjustable thermostats to control temperature but after 1984, the use of rheostats which do not only measure the heat generated by the blanket but also the body heat generated by the user. Modern electric blankets have carbon fibre wires and produce heat on the far infra-red part of the spectrum, usually work on 24 volts giving a safer, more efficient and comfortable alternative. However, because the electric blanket is a combination of heat, electricity, flammable bedding material and a sleeping occupant, the use of this kind is of concern to fire safety internationally. There has always been a risk of accidental fires and electrocutions. It is estimated in the UK that 5000 fires per years are caused by faulty electric blankets. Research has shown that 10-year old blankets that are still in use in homes are responsible for 99% of the fires caused by electric blankets. Each year, 20 people are killed and over 250 injured in blanket fires. It also presents a burn risk to those who are unable to react in it like babies, small children, diabetics and the elderly. It has also been suggested that the long-term exposure to electrical fields are associated with the risk of having cancer, breast cancer and testicular cancer in particular. Since the use of electric blanket offers energy consumption and risks on both health and safety, here are some prudent suggestions and safety measures to protect you. 1. Proponent of a cancer-free lifestyle suggests to 1imit the use of these blankets. Alternatives to electric blankets now exist, including the use of heated waterbeds or modern insulated blankets which retain much more body heat. 2. Do not use electric blanket for an infant, handicapped person or who is insensitive to heat. 3. Before Buying an electric blanket:
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Presented by Daniel Toriola

- Ensure that it carries a recognised approvals mark like the British Electromechanical Approval Board (BEAB) or the international Standard number EN 60967. - It is always advisable to buy a new stock rather than a second hand electric blanket. 4. Before using the electric blanket: - Read the instructions, keep them safe for future reference and use them correctly. - Make sure it is not scorched, soiled or wet. - Do not put the electric blankets on top of the bed covers. - It is advisable to take out of use for blankets that are more than 10 years old. 5. When using electric blanket: - Lay it flat on the bed as fold and creases can damage the wires embedded in it and may cause overheating. - It is switched off or unplugged before you get into bed if it is marked pre-heating under blanket. 6. Taking care of the electric blanket: - Make sure your blanket is tested by the manufacturer or qualified technician at least every three years. - Only wash or clean your blanket in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. - Check the plug cord for any signs of wear or damage. - When blankets are not in use, leave it on the bed to avoid creases as far as possible. - Avoid storing other objects on top of the blanket and keep it in a dry place. - Do not use pins as they damage the wirings. - Under no circumstance an electric blanket be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning solvent can dissolve the plastic insulators, exposing the wires and may cause short circuits, fires, electrocution. - It should be machine-washed in a gentle cycle, lightly extracted and line-dried. Most manufacturers suggest the damp blanket finish drying by draping the blanket over two parallel lines.


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Blankets Make Great Gifts By David Evermon

Anyone can give a plain blanket as a gift, but a personalized blanket shows that you gave some extra thought to your gift. For a bridal shower, the bride-to-be would love to have a blanket with her new last name on it. This makes it, not only a useful gift, but an instant heirloom as well. And what could be more special to an expectant mother than to receive a baby blanket that has been personalized for the new baby. Other great occasions for giving personalized blankets include birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's day, weddings and even `just because'. The list of recipients who would love to get a personalized blanket as a gift includes any member of your family and friends. For the sports fan, there are almost endless choices for a personalized blanket. A full sized blanket or blanket throw of any size can also be a personalized blanket. Imagine a blanket that not only has your favorite team's logo, but also your own name on it! For the equine enthusiast, there are personalized blankets that make very good saddle blankets. It will make the horse rider stand out from the crowd. Personalized blankets for your family Every member of the family will want their very own personalized blanket! They are especially great for children. If you have trouble getting your children off to bed at night or taking an afternoon nap, their very own personalized blanket it help make it easier. The kids will just love to cuddle up under their own personalized blanket. You and your spouse will love it just as much. Everyone will always know which blanket is his or hers. Creating a personalized blanket For people who enjoy making handmade gifts and keepsakes, it is very easy to make an ordinary blanket into a personalized blanket. It can be done by hand or with a good embroidery machine. You are only limited by your imagination in choosing exactly the way to personalize the blanket. Those who are not quite so handy with a needle or sewing machine can opt to have the personalization done by a specialty shop. This can be where you buy the blanket or just take the blanket to be personalized. Either way, you will have a personalized blanket that looks beautiful. Whether for yourself or someone else, look into getting a personalized blanket today. You will be very glad you did. Personalized blankets are a great gift idea, learn about blankets, baby blankets and more different kinds of blankets at the blankets site http://blankets.advice-tips.com/

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