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dfwSales Rep Job Descript by caledonian


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Sales Representative Sales DFW Pay for Performance Colin McKie Yes

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Sales DFWS3512 Local Only Full-Time Employee Dec 8, 2009 Jan 8, 2010

Attention: [RE: Location/Job Code] Job Description Our sales pipeline has exploded to the point where we must add people to respond quickly to the referrals we are getting from our partners. If you are one that likes pounding the phones or the street, THIS JOB IS NOT for you. If you are one the works hard and smart then THIS JOB IS for you. If you produce nothing you are paid nothing, if you produce a little you are paid a little and if you produce a lot, you are paid a lot. This job is simple; work with partners, and focus your sales skills in meeting with and closing business with referred clients. The programme we have in place has grown our pipeline to over 100 referred companies to per month. Training will take less than two days. Your ramp up will take less than six weeks, resulting in a minimum of 15 clients per month that you will close. This is paid for performance. Typical annual earnings when meeting your monthly targets is between $45k-$58k per year. After your 90 day probationary period you will have access to benefits including medical, retirement, AFLAC etc. Requirements:  Be able to learn and follow instructions quickly  Have a home office set up including PC and broadband internet access  Able to use email and web applications  Work  Communicate effectively on the phone and in person  Professional appearance and demeanor  Sales experience not necessary will train  B2B experience helpful but not required To know learn more about us, refer to our website


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