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					                    CITY OF WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS 01605
                               FIRE DEPARTMENT
                                    141 GROVE STREET
GERARD A. DIO                           (508) 799-1816                    SAVE YOUR HOME
    Chief                                                                 AND BUSINESS
                                     FAX: (508) 799-1819                  PREVENT FIRES

                    FIRE ALARM INSTALLATION
                       PERMIT APPLICATION

A permit must be obtained from the Fire Department prior to the installation of a fire protection
system in any new or existing building or structure. A fire protection system (i.e. fire alarm
panel) includes any device, equipment and systems used to detect a fire, activate an alarm,
suppress or control a fire or any combination thereof. Permits are valid until change of use.
Contractor must supply plans for new systems.


   1. Licensed contractor applies for permit at WFD.

   2. Permit Fee - $50.00 check or money order made payable to: City of Worcester.

   3. Inspection within one week.

   4. All newly wired and updated systems must first be signed-off by Wiring Inspector.