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					                                        CITY OF WORCESTER
                                            CITIZENS ADVISORY COUNCIL

                                       PUBLIC NOTICE – September 17, 2009


The Citizens Advisory Council of the City of Worcester is looking for candidates to fill the following vacancies on the
City Boards/Commissions:

Name of Board/Commission                                                    Vacancies
Advisory Committee on the Status of Women                                   3
Affirmative Action Advisory Committee                                        5
Airport Commission                                                           3
Cable Television Advisory Committee                                          3
Citizens Advisory Council                                                   3
Commission on Disabilities                                                  5 associates
Community Development Advisory Committee                                    3
Conservation Commission                                                     1
Cultural Commission                                                          2
Elder Affairs Commission                                                     1
G.A.R. Memorial Hall Board of Trustees                                      5
Health Board                                                                 2
Historical Commission                                                        1 full (Mass Ave)/2 alternate
Hope Cemetery Board of Commissioners                                        4
Human Rights Commission                                                     2
Memorial Auditorium Board of Trustees                                       1
Off-Street Parking Board                                                     2
Trust Funds Commission                                                       3
Worcester Redevelopment Authority                                            1
Zoning Board of Appeals                                                      1 full/2 associate
Candidates should send a letter of interest along with a resume, if available, to: Citizens Advisory Council, C/O Human
Resources, Room 109, City Hall, 455 Main Street, Worcester MA 01608 OR E-MAIL:

To be considered at the next CAC meeting for current vacancies, the deadline for receipt of letters of interest
and/or resume is October 16, 2009.

Eligibility requirements: 1) be a registered voter; 2) be a resident in the district for one year; 3) not be a City employee
(with the exception of Advisory Boards).

Applicants from under-represented groups in the City are encouraged to apply.

Please be advised that you may submit an application at any time and be notified by mail of the ongoing vacancies that
occur on the City Boards/Commissions.