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The Many Uses of Natural Stone


									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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The Many Uses of Natural Stone By Brent Davis

Finding that perfect surface for the countertops or flooring that matches your style and taste as you build or remodel your home is challenging. Today’s builders offer a variety of styles and materials. But there is one building material that is timeless and is the epitome of luxury. Natural stone comes in many styles and colors and can be used throughout your home. Unlike other substances, natural stone care is easy. And you can use natural stone in every room of your home. • Close your eyes and picture the perfect bathroom. Most people dream of marble countertops with a natural stone finish. But don’t stop there. Imagine a shower without tiles that easily accumulate grout and soap scum. A natural stone shower is easy to clean with mild detergent and retains its beauty for years. Complete your perfect bathroom with natural stone floors. Don’t forget to add slip rugs and mats in places where water may accumulate. • Gourmet chefs love working on marble and granite countertops. These surfaces are resistant to many scratches and are long lasting. Marble and granite come in a variety of colors. • Stone floors are beautiful in any room of the house. You will find a plethora of colors and types to choose. From the natural beauty of slate to the dazzling brilliance of onyx, your home will become a showroom when you add natural stone floors. While caring for natural stone is easy, you should consult a professional about maintenance. One of the biggest challenges is keeping moisture from absorbing into the floors. Excessive moisture can cause odors and even erosion. Sealing stone floors will ease moisture absorption. When consulting a company that specializes in Scottsdale floor care, ask these questions: • What type of sealer do my floors need? That depends on the type of stone floor. If you are looking to add more color, consider an enhancer sealer that uses a wetter silicon. A top grade sealer will work on almost any type of stone. A natural stone care specialist will advise you on which sealer is best for your floors. • Will sealing help with grout? Grout color sealing is a different process. The grout must be cleaned before a color sealer is painted on the grout’s surface.
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Presented by Daniel Toriola

• Can I seal my floors myself? You can find “do it yourself” manuals that will describe the natural stone sealing process. But if you want to guarantee that your floors will retain their natural beauty, consult a Scottsdale natural stone care professional. Acidic compounds and abrasives can damage the floors, marring their beauty. A professional will know the right products to use and the right way to use them to preserve your floors. Remember that you have a wide variety of choices when decorating with natural stone and that no two stones are alike. Limestone, slate, onyx, travertine, marble and granite will add luxury and elegance to your home. With proper care, their beauty will last for many generations. Stone Touch is a unique service contractor in Scottsdale, Arizona, specializing in the treatment of natural stone including protection and finishing. Brent Davis is a licensed stone care professional with Stone Touch Natural Stone Care company.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Why Should Natural Stone Be Sealed? By Brent Davis

You just had beautiful new stone floors installed and you have been told that you need to seal them. This may seem like another ploy to get you to spend more money on Scottsdale floor care but sealing your stone floors is the easiest way to retain their natural beauty. Compare sealing your stone floors to painting your house. If you don’t do it, the paint will chip, discolor and even fade. The same can happen to your stone floors. The sealer will stop the absorption of liquids that can damage your floors. Even water can leave a stain and other acidic liquids can do more damage. Without sealing, the stone floors can stain, retain odor and erode. But what happens during the process is actually not “sealing” in the literal sense. The sealer allows ventilation that allows the stone to “breathe.” While the sealer does help preserve your natural beauty, it is not a miracle cure for proper care of your stone floors. It is important to know what sealers can and cannot do for your stone floors: • Sealers stop surface pitting, scratches, abrasion or etching. The sealer will protect below the surface. You still need to polish and care for the surface. • Sealers are not waterproof agents. In other words, you can’t leave water and other liquids standing and not expect a stain. You should clean up all spills as soon as possible. • Dirt can still seep into a surface that has been sealed. But you should have an easier time caring for your stone floor. •A sealer will not create the “shiny floors” look. The type of sealer you need depends on the type of stone floor. Granite, onyx, limestone and other types of floors require different types of sealers. However, you can use a top grade impregnating sealer on almost any type of stone to retain the “natural” look. If you need more color, use an enhancer sealer. These are made with “wetter” silicon which displays a deeper color. Remember that sealing does not always include grout color sealing. This is a different process that involves renewing or changing the grout color. Once the grout is cleaned, a ‘color sealer’ is painted on the grout’s surface. This gives the grout a new, clean surface. If you need stone sealing, you should consult a professional. Natural stone floors take special care. A company that specializes in floor care in Scottsdale can advise you as to: • The exact type of sealer you need. • How to care for you natural stone floor • What to do if your floor is damaged or stained • How to hone and polish your stone floor The beauty of stone floors is that no two floors or sections look alike. Find a Scottsdale floor care company that can help you preserve the uniqueness of your natural stone floors no matter what type of

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
floor you have. Stone sealing can save you time and money and help protect the beauty and life of your natural stone floors. Brent Davis at Stone Touch is a unique service contractor in Scottsdale, Arizona, specializing in the treatment of natural stone including protection and finishing. Learn more at their website

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