The History Of Patio Furniture

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Patio furniture and outdoor furniture is a great way to have an opportunity to spend more time outside with your family. Outdoor wicker is a good investment for outdoor deep seating, chairs, and chaise lounges. Click here to know more

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The History Of Patio Furniture By Tom Houser

The style of the average home has changed over the years. Large old farmhouses had huge front porches, which were an extension of the family living room. The porches were extremely large. Therefore, a lot of outdoor furniture was required. However, most of the furniture used was merely brought from inside. One piece of furniture was a fixture of most families outdoor furniture, that piece of furniture was a rocking chair. In the 18th century, the rocking chair was known as the American chair. The wooden rocker was also a lot more comfortable than the wrought iron furniture of the day. You do not see nearly as many rocking chairs now as you did back then. Another very popular piece of outdoor furniture was the porch swing. The porch swing was a relaxing piece of outdoor furniture on a hot summer evening. Remember, there were no air conditioners back in the 1800's. Wicker outdoor furniture was the next style of furniture that became popular in Victorian times. It was popular because it was fancier than the existing outdoor furniture. Plant stands and many different types of tables were added to the porches of American families. The Victorian style was the more the better. Many families had porches full of outdoor furniture. In the South, many large homes had Verandas. The porch was larger to support the Veranda. These porches had a lot of large over sized furniture such as wicker or cotton upholstered outdoor furniture. Unfortunately, the weather in the South was not indicative to keeping cotton, upholstered furniture outside. Wrought iron furniture was a popular choice in this era as well. To alleviate the uncomfortable iron, cushions were used on chairs. In the 1930's, casual outdoor furniture began to appear. Handcrafted wrought iron, cast and tubular aluminum became popular years later. However, comfortable outdoor furniture was desirable to consumers. Lawn chairs became the rage along with straight back chairs as the urban centers became more populated and places to sit outdoors were much smaller in the city. As the suburbs became a popular place for families, more outdoor furniture was required. This was where the real need for outdoor patio furniture began. People wanted to extend their entertaining outdoors and the need for outdoor furniture grew tremendously. This trend continues to grow today.

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More high-tech materials are developed for the construction of outdoor patio furniture, as people want durability, ease of care and strength from their patio furniture. People are spending more and more time outdoors and extending their homes through the concept of outdoor kitchens and rooms. Entertaining at home has made it necessary to have a variety of types of outdoor furniture available. People own hot tubs, swimming pools and many more outdoor toys, which require specific outdoor furniture. As the people demand it, outdoor patio furniture will continue to evolve into stylish pieces they can use everyday. Thomas D. Houser -

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Wood Patio Furniture- Enjoy Years Of Comfort By Jesse Akre

If you were to look into the backyard of every single home in America, you would notice that more than a few are home to beautiful sets of wood patio furniture. It’s no secret that wood patio furniture is popular, but why is it so appealing and why do so many discerning consumers accept nothing other than wood patio furniture for their outdoor furniture needs? Perhaps one of the reasons wood patio furniture is so popular is because it allows you to have rugged, durable outdoor furniture without sacrificing any comfort or beauty of design. When it comes to a winning combination of great looks and unsurpassed quality, wood patio furniture cannot be beat. While it’s no secret that wood patio furniture can be more expensive than furniture made of cheap, lesser-quality materials, there is good reason for the added cost. Well-crafted wood patio furniture is known for its quality and longevity and people who purchase it get years of use and enjoyment from their investment. People who purchase cheap, poor-quality patio furniture usually end up replacing that furniture much sooner than they had expected. When it comes to the selection of wood patio furniture available, shoppers have quite a bit to choose from. Whether looking for an Adirondack chair, a rocker, a glider, a loveseat or a swing, there are wood patio furniture products to meet every need. Wood patio furniture comes in a wide variety of woods, colors, sizes and styles. Wood patio furniture is available as single pieces or in sets. If you’re looking to accent your patio with just one or two pieces of wood patio furniture, you would be best served by selecting from the single pieces available for sale. However, if you are in need of an entire patio set, you should look at wood patio furniture sold as groups. Not only can purchasing wood patio furniture as a set save you money, it also ensures that all of the furniture pieces on your patio set go well together. Jesse Akre, owner of numerous niche home decor and patio furniture websites, makes it easy to find fabulous Teak Wood Patio Furniture and Teak Benches . A symbol of luxury and affluence. Rich quality and classic aesthetic. These are a few reasons teak furniture is the ideal choice for outdoor furniture and remains a sound investment. You deserve it - Click to enjoy:

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