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Steps For A Calmer Morning By O Quinn

A few well planned steps in the evening when you're getting ready to turn it in for the night can make the difference between chaos and calm come the morning hours. At the top of your list should be the kitchen. It will most likely be the first room beyond your bathroom that you visit in the am and should be the main room you put to rights before heading for bed. Wash all of the dishes. Run the dishwasher if necessary and clear off and wipe down the counters and stove. If you're feeling extra motivated set your breakfast preparations such as cold cereal, the bowls and cups you will use and the utensils out. Sweep and mop up any spills on the floor. Taking care of the kitchen will alleviate about half of your morning chaos. There is no research to back up this claim but it's true enough in my home. In our home we make good use of the dining table. It must be in our genes because even among the members of our extended family we all tend to read the newspaper, books, do paperwork and what have you at the dining table. So cleaning off the dining table is on my evening list of to-do's each night. Corralling the papers, wiping up food spills, and setting the chairs in. It's simple enough but if I neglect it I tend to be irritated come morning. Do you have children? Have them help you put away their things if their small. If they're bigger then make sure they take care of this. Have it become a nightly habit. Five minutes to pick up toys, papers, clothing. Put it where it belongs. Our little toddler is 2 as of this writing and we do this with her each night. Help mommy and daddy put away the toys. She seems to enjoy it. Go figure. Straighten up the other areas of your home that get a good workout during the day. The family room, bathroom. Get your clothes out for tomorrow. If you have little ones get theirs out too. Write up a small to-do list for the next day. These are just a few items and take no time at all to accomplish but having them done brings great benefits in the way of a calmer morning. No rushing to find things, look for an outfit, find a clean dish, or a clean spot to eat off on the dining table. It's all been taken care of.
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Hypnotherapy For Childbirth By Gemma Bailey

Hypnosis for child birth is used as a technique as much throughout the pregnancy as it is used during the labour itself. The benefits include a sense of calm and relaxation- and of course the calmer mum can be, the calmer the baby will be during the normally quite stressful experience of being born. This can later influence the ease at which they feed and sleep as a result of a less traumatic birthing experience. During the pregnancy, hypnotherapy in Hemel Hempstead can be used as a means of mentally preparing the mother for the forthcoming events, offering her suggestions of a calm pain-free experience to come, and a reassurance that she will be able to manage her own levels of pain. The hypnotic experience aided by a hypnotherapist or a hypnotic recording, can help to maintain blood pressure at a safe level during the gestation periods and induce positive beliefs and feelings about the imminent experience as well as offering positive suggestions for things like diet and lifestyle throughout the pregnancy. During the labour, the trance experience may be used, though not in a deep sleep kind of a way. Instead, the mother will be able to experience the event fully and fell in control during the process. The pain control method reduces the need for medication throughout the experience and ensure that any physical "healing" needs to take place after the labour happens quickly. In short, anxiety creates tension which can create more pain. Hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire is able to break this cycle with the injection of relation and positive thoughts and attitude. It is well documented that childbirth is a very different experience in other cultures because the expectation of pain does not exist. If you are interested in how hypnotherapy can be helpful for you, please contact our hypnotherapist in Hertfordshire. Gemma Bailey is a qualified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner based in South East England. She helps patients with a variety of problems. For more information visit

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