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Custom or Prefab?—That is the Kitchen Cabinet Question By Carmen Fontana

So you’ve decided that new kitchen cabinets are in order. Now the question remains: Do you go the slow and more expensive route with custom cabinets or opt for the quicker and less costly alternative with prefabricated cabinets? Both choices present various pros and cons, so you’ll want to do your homework before making a final decision. If quality and craftsmanship are your top priority, a kitchen design expert may be steering you toward custom kitchen cabinets. But those on a limited budget will be happy to learn that prefabricated cabinets from a reputable cabinetry manufacturer can almost match their more expensive counterparts on both counts. If you’re still wavering, it’s no wonder. So here are some important considerations that can help make the custom versus prefabricated kitchen cabinets decision an easier one. 1. In terms of cost, a comparison is necessary. That’s because just like custom cabinetry, prefabricated cabinets run the gamut from modular to high end. And on that high end, in a perfect example of ‘you get what you pay for,’ you may run into prefabricated kitchen cabinets that are as expensive as some custom cabinets. Quality and cost should be a tag team when conducting kitchen cabinet price comparisons. 2. If you’re in a rush, no doubt about it, prefabricated kitchen cabinets will save you time. In fact, if you want custom kitchen cabinets, expect to wait one to two months for delivery. 3. If you want a style that’s custom designed or your kitchen cabinet setup requires odd or unique sizes, then custom cabinetry may be necessary. However, you might be surprised by the wide array of prefabricated kitchen cabinet styles out there. A broad and varied selection of kitchen cabinets can be found at you nearest home design center. 4. When it comes to kitchen cabinet finishes, your options are nearly as wide as those for custom kitchen cabinets. Whether it’s a clean white, a natural wood, a glossy rich brown or a homey burgundy finish you’re seeking, a leading prefabricated cabinetry manufacturer can likely fill the bill. 5. Because they can vary so widely between and even among custom and prefabricated kitchen cabinets, the material, joinery, hinges and pulls of the doors should be carefully examined and compared for quality and craftsmanship.
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6. With custom cabinetry, especially if your kitchen has odd sizes and unique angles, you’re probably going to have to pay for professional installation. If you’re somewhat handy in the carpentry department, however, you may be able to bypass this added expense with prefabricated kitchen cabinets and install them yourself. 7. Last but certainly not least, the reputation of the cabinetmaker is critical. For custom cabinetry, consult your local chamber of commerce and ask for referrals. Your best bet is word of mouth. If you’ve decided to go with prefabricated kitchen cabinets, look for a leading manufacturer that prides itself on quality, value and service. A few ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinet manufacturers recognize that high quality can—and should—go with affordable pricing. To that end, look for a kitchen cabinet line that offers lifetime warranties, is retailed at popular prices and can be assembled quickly. Carmen Fontana is a Web Services Manager for Western Reserve Internet Services. The Distinctions Cabinetry website provides additional information on ready to assemble cabinetry.

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How To Cook Up The Perfect Kitchen Makeover By KraftMaid

In a recent article titled “Something’s cookin’ in kitchen makeovers,” The Windsor Star reported that “Kitchen cabinet refacing is the affordable, hassle-free, efficient way to boost your home’s value while also realizing the kitchen of your dreams. A kitchen cabinet refacing project can do more than just give your kitchen a beautiful new appearance; it can give you added functionality as well.” Before deciding on a kitchen cabinet refacer, here are some things you should take into consideration: 1. Look for a manufacturer that specializes in semi-custom kitchen cabinetry. That way, you won’t be forced into buying off the shelf and risk having your new kitchen look like it came off the assembly line. Custom-look cabinets, even when the only transformation you’ve undertaken is simply refacing of the existing cabinets, give your kitchen a more expensive designer touch than stock models, thereby increasing the overall value of your home. 2. Seek out high-quality, semi-custom cabinet solutions for the value-conscious consumer. You want your kitchen cabinets to look like a million bucks, but you don’t want to have to actually have to spend a million bucks to get that look! 3. Check out your local home improvement center for advice and ideas. You might be surprised by the kitchen cabinet options The Home Depot has to offer. 4. Opt for a kitchen cabinetry expert that promises to bring affordable style and elegance to wherever you call home. What exactly does kitchen cabinet refacing entail? The Windsor Star’s expert explains, “When it comes to refacing you do not have to gut your kitchens and put in totally new cabinetry. Instead what you are doing is replacing the doors and the drawer-fronts and all the hinges and slides. All of these, along with any other exposed areas of your cabinets, get covered in laminate that will match the doors and drawers of the unit.” The good news for cost-conscious homeowners is that kitchen cabinet refacing is becoming more popular and acceptable, even favored, among home improvement connoisseurs. As the newspaper’s expert points out, “The technology and composition of the new doors and drawer-fronts is so good that if you were standing across the kitchen you would not be able to tell if your cabinet had a wood door or a refaced door. The grains are done so precisely when it comes to refacing. The cost factor also comes into play when you are talking about the increase in popularity of cabinet refacing.” Of course, when deciding to reface your kitchen cabinets, you don’t want to compromise quality simply for the sake of price. That’s why it’s of vital importance to seek out a kitchen cabinet manufacturer that not only specializes in high-quality, semi-custom kitchen cabinetry solutions but that also caters to the value-conscious consumer. When you know where to go, kitchen “cabinet refacing is really for everyone who wants an amazing fresh facelift for their cabinets.” Seek out all the best kitchen refacing ingredients, whip them all together and start cooking up the perfect kitchen with an affordable kitchen cabinet makeover.

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Visit for semi-custom cabinetry options from Premier Cabinetry.

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