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Benefits of Choosing a Sheep Skin Rug By Colin Chadwick

A sheep skin rug can enhance the décor of your home by giving it an extra special quality that only it can convey. It emanates luxury, with a plush look and feel. A wide variety of colours, styles, and shapes will be a complementary accessory to any room in your home. The rugs are able to provide a sense of warmth and comfort. Today, sheep skin rugs can be purchased in nearly any design and any colours you wish, which provide a great deal of latitude when decorating. Sheep skin rugs can add elegance to any room; they are a terrific interior design accessory. A soft, plush, all-natural sheep skin rug supplements the design of any room, especially lying in front of a fireplace. They also make an excellent choice as a throw rug beside your bed, outside your shower, or in front of your bathroom sink. They are soft and warm, and they will make your normal activities a lot nicer as you step onto the wonderful sheep skin surface with your bare feet. A quality, all-natural sheep skin rug will last for years, if not decades. It will provide warmth during the winter, while reflecting coolness in the summer. They fit every occasion! They are easy to clean as most dust and small particles can be removed by shaking or a gentle combing with a wire brush. They can also be vacuumed, very carefully and with a special attachment, but they are basically trouble-free. They are very convenient as most sheep skin rugs should be machine-washable, on the gentle cycle. They should be air-dried, and never tossed in the dryer. With proper care and maintenance, your luxurious sheep skin rug should last a lifetime. Sheep skin rugs should have a backing that will not easily slide on tiled or wood floors, making them safe to step on and not be afraid of falling, whereas some other rugs can take you sliding all over the floor’s surface. Sheep skin rugs can also be good for your baby, to use in a stroller to help keep the little one extra warm in winter. They are healthy and offer nature’s own insulation, lanolin. Sheep skin rugs for babies are sanitized to ensure that your little one is completely protected when making good use of a small sheep skin rug. Sheep skin rugs are also chosen for their natural ability to provide comfort to those who might be in pain from a medical condition. Some types of sheep skin rugs are known to provide a natural remedy for those who have trouble falling asleep. Medical sheep skin rugs can also promote a healthy
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circulation of blood flow and enable tense muscles to relax. They can also help with pain from rheumatism and backaches. They have proven especially critical to those who must remain confined to one position for a long period of time. The medical sheep skin offers a special quality of comfort. Enjoy the sensuous quality of owning a sheep skin rug. It has a feel like no other that only true and natural sheep skin can offer. It has many benefits as opposed to other, ordinary cotton or man-made, synthetic rugs. It provides the nuances that only nature can. Colin Chadwick is the marketing manager of Rug House a leading supplier of superior quality Sheepskin Rugs, Large Sheepskin Rugs and Natural Sheepskin Rugs. You can see our collection here at:

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Measuring Tips You Need Before You Buy Large Sheep Skin Rugs By Colin Chadwick

Sheep skin rugs are a luxurious item and are more in demand now than ever before. They can complement your room décor by adding a sensuous nuance to your other furnishings. They can be purchased in many different shapes, styles, sizes, and colours. A choice among the selections will surely benefit a room in your home. Sheep skin rugs are natural, and when dealing with an all-natural product, some latitude must be acknowledged that dimensions are not always exact. Keep that in mind when you are planning to purchase a large sheep skin rug for any use in your home. Some sheep skin rugs are measured electronically. If that is the case, you can more accurately rely on the proportioned sizes. When not measured electronically, a sheep skin rug should be measured from tip to tail and not use a leg length. It is also measured from the widest section of the middle area out, not using a leg length. The length of the fur is also calculated and should be taken into account for the purpose you intend to utilize the rug. Large sheep skin rugs can also be a combination of two or more sheep skins sewn together. There will be give and take in the exact dimensions when measuring. To place a large sheep skin rug in your home, allow extra room for fitting. However, it is also wise to bear in mind that, upon washing, a natural shrinkage of approximately 10 percent of the rug’s size is common. Large-size sheep skin rugs are best utilized for a large section of flooring, a bedspread, wall art if hung on a large wall, or a throw for an extra-large sofa. Quarto size sheep skin rugs are those with four sheep skins sewn together and offer an approximate size of 4 feet wide by 6 feet long. As each sheep is an individual, and due to the process of shearing, cleaning, and readying for market, each sheep skin rug has the possibility of being “approximate.” A typical sexton sheep skin rug, composed of six sheep skins sewn together, measures around 6 feet wide by 6 feet long. Take the estimated sizes and use those when trying to determine what size rug to place in which location in your home. A large sheep skin rug will be useful when trying to cover a wide area, naturally, so measure the space you are looking at with a measuring tape. Try to visual your sheep skin rug of choice positioned in that locale. Large sheep skin rugs are most typically used as a floor covering for a living room area. If this is your intent, measure the distance between the placements of your furniture. Ensure that the areas between your sofa, chairs, and any tables will not be out of sync when you bring your new sheep skin rug home as an accessory. Also ensure that you have adequate floor space available. If your living room area is quite vast, you may decide you need more than one sheep skin rug. Taking measurements before you buy and considering all your options will ensure you are satisfied and happy with your large sheep skin rug when you have it home. Colin Chadwick is the marketing manager of Rug House a leading supplier of superior quality rugs, including, cowhide rugs, goatskin rugs and large sheepskin rugs.

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