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Bean Bag Chairs For The Children By David Faulkner

There are many little problems that appear in the every-day life of a parent that other people might not experience. For instance, buying new furniture with a futuristic design can only be a welcomed longed-for achievement, but a parent does concern about how the children will act: they can get cuts from it; they play around it because they are intrigued; they are constantly attracted and eventually they might fall: mothers' heads teem with all these worst-case scenarios, and bean bag chairs for kids can really put their minds at ease. The Why's There are plenty of reasons why you should acquire bean bag chairs for kids, and they do not exclude by no means a classic mode of furniture because children have always been around, and every design fits with their toys and auxiliaries. First there's the safety: the kids will sink happily in the bean bag chair and they will love it, having absolutely no conditions to hurt themselves or to fall. Sure, they might fall, but with chuckles and laughter. The squishy bean bag chair is designed to emulate their shape and they are easily maneuverable. This is just a fancy word for trashing, breaking, beating, hitting, extraordinary activities that kids love to do so much with a piece of spongy-like furniture. Another reason is that beside the fact that they will be exhilarated, you will be worry-free and sure they're not tempted anymore to try to get up on the cupboards. Diversity in Your Home They are a great option for the parents considering a toy-chair to the little ones, and the part with convincing them to keep away from the new furniture, especially the plush ones, is now solved. To entice them even more, there can be found on the market bean bag cartoon characters, in the space where they play or sleep: they will have Yogi-Bear to admire and laugh at while sinking an pummeling the bean bag chair for kids. Of course, these are available in different shapes and sizes, and the children at least those very young, are mad about having something their own, that is, since everything is forbidden. For more info see on favourite bean bag.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Bean bag chairs for kids really come in handy for toddlers since they are scratch & graze & co. free, and their natural instinct for obliterating is being fancied. Most of the parents don't know why they break, when they were told not to, why they are to be found with all sorts of stuff in their tiny mouths or why they looking for a "fight": this is perfectly natural and it is a very important, initial part of their ever-developing understanding, actually, for them, it is perceived as "testing". Don't be a control-freak parent and advise them against absolutely everything, and buy them those squishy bean bag chairs for kids, that can be refilled at all times, if the conditions are to rough for the new chair-toy. You can also find more info on on furniture bean bag and on find bean bag. is a comprehensive resource to know more about Beanbag Chairs.

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Bean Bags And Foof Chairs: Similarities And Differences By Tameka Norris

Children love bean bag chairs and Foof chairs because they are soft and comfortable to the body and because they can throw themselves into them. These chairs look like bags generally and will fit into the shape of the person sitting on them. They come in variety of colors and patterns and will fit right in with rest of the children’s furniture. Imitating children, even adults have come to love both types of chairs, as easy lounging chairs for watching television, playing video games, reading, relaxing, and even napping. Since they come in such a wide variety of colors, materials, and shapes, both bean bag chairs and Foof chairs can be placed in any part of the house without disturbing the décor. Because of this versatility of use, they offer a great space saving opportunity. You can eliminate several other items of furniture from your house while replacing them with a bean bag or a Foof chair. Differences between Bean bag chairs and Foof chairs Foof or Fuf chairs are sometimes called and commonly mistaken for bean bag chairs, but are in fact different. Traditionally bean bag chairs were basically bags full of beans made of polystyrene, a type of plastic. Styrofoam packaging is made of similar substance. These beans are normally full and stiff, but can be crushed when pressed. They provide a studier support to the sitter than Foof chairs. However the sitter will sink lower in a bean bag chair than in a Foof chair. Long usage takes away the bean’s fullness, so they have to be replaced periodically. Foof chairs or modern bean bag chairs as they are sometimes called are in contrast not filled with beans but with shredded foam made of polystyrene. Same kind of foam is used in pillows and mattresses as well. However the foam is shred into small pieces before filling the Foof chair. This foam, which is currently under patent, conforms to the shape of your body giving you maximum comfort. Since there are no beads you will not feel any pressure from the chair as in a bean bag chair. This means you feel as if you are sitting on air or on a cloud. Foof chairs are more expensive than similar bean bag chairs. Some manufacturers offer a blend of both beans and shredded foam in their bean bag chairs to get the best of both worlds. Buying bean bags and Foof chairs Before buying either a bean bag chair or a Foof chair, you should be aware of the range of sizes, colors, prints, and materials, they are offered in, as well as of the price and other quality considerations. We will try to give a brief outline below. Traditional bean bags come in several shapes; round or ball, teardrop, and pear shape. Foof chairs are produced in round or ball, oval, and cylindrical, shapes. However various manufacturers produce both types of chairs in many different custom shapes to attract children, such as chairs that look like balls in various sports; baseballs, footballs, soccer balls, and basket balls, for instance.

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They also come in range of sizes. Sizes differ from one manufacturer to another. Smallest ones made for children aged 3 to 5 may be as little as 36 inches in width and 120 inches in circumference, while large ones can be 7 feet in width and can be used as a sofa holding up to three adults, for activities like watching television. The fabrics used as cover can be as varied as the shape of the chair. Denim, leather, velvet, and micro-fiber, are some of the materials used both in bean bag and Foof chairs. Most commonly used materials are cotton and vinyl. Their colors and patterns can only be limited by the imagination, though some materials like leather do have limitations when it comes to color. You should ensure that any bean bag chair or Foof chair you buy have these essential quality features; a quality fabric, seams double stitched, child proof zipper or double zipper, ability to refill the bag periodically, and a warranty for at least one year. You should also check whether the fabric is spot free, is washable, and is resistant to the sun. These chairs should be kept away from heat sources and fire, even though foam and beans are nowadays especially created to be fire resistant. Tameka Norris runs a website titled Furniture for Small Spaces ( in which she offers nifty tips and tactics, a Q & A section for people in need of answers, photos of her own small space trials, projects for the DIYer and recommendations on furniture.

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