Bathroom Vanities Are Like Art Work Today

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Bathroom Vanities Are Like Art Work Today By David Fishman

The style of the bathroom vanities have changed, the new styles bring a touch of style and elegance to the bathrooms. Bamboo bathroom vanities improve the style and beauty of bathrooms. There are antique, traditional, and contemporary style vanities. Many of the corner bathroom vanity come in wood; some of the popular woods are cherry, maple, oak and mahogany. Many home owners are not buying the standard vanities like our parents, they are looking for unique designs, something different that says something about their personality, and these new vanities are innovative and beautiful. All modern bathrooms have the one thing in common, sinks, toilets, vanities and mirrors. Vanity tops have changed drastically; no more will you only have a choice of Formica you now can choose from granite, ceramic tiles, synthetic granite and marble. When remodeling your bathroom it is a good idea to replace that old pedestal sink with a nice vanity, it will not only help with storage but give the bathroom a new look and make the bathroom appear to be new again. Here are some things to consider when choosing new vanity furniture. There is nothing that spruces up your bathroom like a nice looking vanity cabinet. Getting a bathroom vanity can change the look and feel of your bathroom and can be the focal point of the entire room; many vanities are considered furniture pieces. Setting up vanity tables is another great option to put into your bathroom, make sure you have space for it, this can be used to layout clothing, putting on makeup or anything else you think of. Bathroom sink vanities have come a long way, they come in different sizes, shapes and many different colors, and some even look like furniture or pieces of expensive art. When looking for sinks you can get the standard white or colored bathroom sinks, some you can get with designs, of course the more detail you add to the sink the more expensive it gets. The more traditional vanity does what it is suppose to do, it holds a sink and has storage for bathroom supplies and hides the plumbing. Your bathroom sink vanity will create the look of your bathroom, plus it will help provide organization and it will also reduce the amount of clutter on the vanity. You can have a single sink or multiple sinks in accordance with your usage, and the vanity tops can be fashioned according to individual requirements and the edges can be smoothed to prevent injury by bumping against them. Look at your
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bathroom suite, if your bath tub, sink and toilet are all in reasonable condition, you could get away with keeping them and just replacing the hardware such as the faucets. When people are planning the dream bathroom many people forget about the storage that is needed in the bathroom. Bathroom vanity cabinets are an essential component of any bathroom and can add drama to your design and decor. There are many different cabinets that are sold today, wall cabinets, medicine and many others. Ceramic tile can be used anywhere in the bathroom, you can place it around your bathroom vanity the walls or anywhere you want to spruce up the bathroom. David Marc Fishman is the owner of  Prices drop as people shop. Ask an expert how to do things at

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Modern Antique Bathroom Vanities - If It’s Modern, How Can It Be Antique? By Frank Johnson

In the realm of bathroom vanities, there exists what are commonly referred to as antique bathroom vanities. In most cases (and removing ourselves completely from the vintage swap meets and antique shops) these “antique” vanities are not necessarily antique in age, but rather antique in design. Modern antique bathroom vanities, when crafted well, possess the common lines, shapes, and accents of old-world craftsmanship. Victorian-age designs are commonly seen in antique bathroom vanities made today. Their solid wood construction and heavily carved facades bring you back to a time when woodcarving was a master craft and elegantly etched leaves, vines, and accents were what the public loved. The Benefits of Modern Antique Bathroom Vanities Although modern antique-fashioned vanities may not have the true age to go along with their classification, antique bathroom vanities of today bring with them heightened function and durability. Bathroom vanity design (as well as internal plumbing) has come along way since the old days of kings and queens. Today, antique vanities come complete with flawless sink and faucet integration and in many cases excel in function when compared to modern run-of-the-mill bathroom vanities. Modern antique bathroom vanities also offer the opportunity to reinvent your bathroom from top to bottom. Just imagine draping your bathroom in old-world beauty, incorporating rich, vivid colors, tapestries, and pictures that would be fit for a Victorian emperor (including Queen Victoria herself). However, there are some purists who when they say they want “antique” they mean they want an “original”. It is possible to get a hold of a true antique bathroom vanity, but what you may get in originality, you’re lacking in functionality. True antique vanities are more of a novelty and often require complete restoration and updating to be functional within the home. That’s not to say that truly original vanities from our past don’t look great in bathrooms today. In fact, they can be exceptional conversation pieces and add 100% originality to your bathroom. The one difficulty with these vanities is in most cases, you’ll end up paying much more to purchase and then restore a true antique bathroom vanity then it would cost you to purchase a modern bathroom vanity fashioned after antique styles and designs. So is it Better to be “Old” or “Old-School”? The bottom line is whether you go true antique (old) or antique-styled (old-school), the choice is completely up to you. Bathroom vanity manufacturers are producing ornate and exquisite antique-styled vanities that look much like the styles of old. Of course their true age is more modern than antique, but when you compare the option of buying old and spending to make it new, you discover that it’s more practical to buy new and designed to look “antique”. If you’re thinking about renovating or updating your bathroom and want antique bathroom vanity designs and styles, check out Modern Bathroom’s wide selection of antique bathroom vanities. Modern Bathroom also offers the latest bathroom furnishings and fixtures at discount prices. From sinks to bathroom vanities, you’ll find the bathroom furnishings you need for less at Modern Bathroom. For more information and to check out the latest antique bathroom vanities, visit

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