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Baby and Kids Dish Sets By baji

Little kids just love farm animals, so this Barnyard Animal Melamine Baby and Kids Dish Setswill be a huge hit at the dinner table. This dishwasher safe melamine kids dish set by Crocodile Creek includes a plate, bowl, cup, fork and spoon. It is all packaged so nicely in a colorful box that is easy to wrap and makes a great toddler gift. Learn the name of the farm animals and mimic their sounds as you have fun at mealtime. The plate features a cute horse with the word Neigh, the bowl is all about a cow with the word Moo, and the cup features a sheep with the word Baa. Teach your kids to say Moo as you pour milk into their bowl for morning cereal. Arrow is based in Illinois and all of their products are manufactured right here in the U.S. All of their plastic scrap, used corrugated containers, wrapping materials and pallets are recycled (none of these materials are deposited in landfills). They have a huge line of products, so we'll just focus on great stuff for kids. With spring upon us and the official start to summer right around the corner, you probably find yourself out of the house more with your family. When you're out during meal time you no doubt find your bags overstuffed with Tupperware, baggies and bottles. Our Stainless Steel Child's Dish Set is a wonderful alternative to plastic dish sets on the market, and a much safer alternative for your little ones. Apprehensions about plastic are skyrocketing with more and more parents becoming aware of the inherent dangers that plastic dinnerware poses on our young ones. Concerns about the chemicals found in plastics and the related health risks are serious, and many parents are vowing to rid plastic from the lives of their children to the best of their ability. With our new stainless steel dish set your child will have the perfect alternative to plastic - it is safe, durable and cute to boot. Child's Stainless Steel Dish Set includes: * Plate with deep sides, * Bowl with handle, * Child's Mug with resting lid, * Stainless steel fork with a dog design,
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* Stainless steel spoon with cat design. The exterior of this stainless steel dish set is made of durable AS blue plastic featuring a friendly frog design. The interior is made of the same high quality stainless steel most flatware consists of. Designed specifically for children, this stainless steel dish set is a perfect combination, and in keeping with our policies, no plastic comes in contact with food or beverages. For more details

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Serena and Lily - Break up Your Kids Bedding With Serena & Lily By Johnson McBrady

If you are looking for that special bedding set for your new born baby, and have no idea where to go, here at Pure and Honest Kids, you will find all you need, to form your own ideas and themes for your baby’s nursery. Not only that, but you will also have a wide range of products to choose from, and at the end of the day you will be in complete control. The Serena and Lily baby bedding sets have a wide range of baby bedding options to choose from. As a matter of fact there are very few brands out there with the kind variety and diversity that Serena and Lily products offer. Here at Pure and Honest Kids, the Serena and Lily baby bedding sets are extremely popular. One can put it down to the fact, that no one quite does it like Serena and Lily, with their simple Designs and brilliant use of colors these baby bedding sets really do take the cake. So the next time you are looking around for that perfect baby bedding set for your baby’s nursery, be sure to check out the complete range, available here at Pure and Honest Kids, providing you with all you need in order to revamp your baby’s nursery’s décor, giving you the jump start you need and more. Serena and Lily baby bedding sets manage to pull off a completely unique feel, which is very personal to the baby. There are a number of baby bedding sets you can pick out, but the best part is that you can match the theme and color combination of the room accordingly, or since you have such a wide variety, you can simply pick out the theme and color scheme that goes the best with the rooms feel. So no matter what stage you are in; just getting the nursery paint started or putting the final touches, Serena and Lily will be by your side always, constantly helping you towards achieving that perfect look for you baby. The Serena and Lily Frances Crib bedding set, is one to consider if you are looking at a large nursery with blues and whites. The Frances crib bedding set is also ideal of you, if you happen to be using a lot of natural themes, like trees, birds and flowers. The colors and design patterns on the Frances, will allow you a lot of freedom to do as you please. The Frances baby bedding set by Serena and Lily, is what you need for a calming effect on the nursery, the combination of soothing floral with blues and lilac, is the perfect blend to give you a piece of the sky, since your baby will be floating on these almost cloud like crib sheet. The Frances baby bedding set is definitely recommended for your baby girl, and it is more of a neutral look, so you do not always have to stick to the clichéd pink bursts of happiness. Here at Pure and Honest Kids, you will find exactly what you are looking for and much more. Serena and Lily: Do you know what you're doing with Serena and Lily bedding? We do at

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