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					Salary Payment Policy
Sample Policy #1 Salary Payment
Pay Period The workweek is Sunday through Saturday. The pay period comprises two work weeks, each beginning on Sunday and ending on Saturday. Paychecks are issued as soon as received from the bank, usually on Wednesday following the end of a pay period. When the Monday or Tuesday after the end of a pay period is a holiday, checks may be issued on Thursday or Friday. Record Keeping Each staff member is responsible for keeping a time sheet recording the hours worked. The time sheets are kept in each department or branch, and the employee is expected to fill out the time sheet daily and sign weekly as indicated on the time sheet. The time sheets are verified and signed by the department supervisor and turned in to the business office biweekly on Monday morning. Automatic Deductions Automatic payroll deductions include: 1. federal withholding tax 2. social security 3. state withholding tax 4. city tax 5. county tax 6. Kentucky Retirement System contribution (for employees working more than 100 hours per month on a regular basis) Voluntary Deductions Voluntary deductions can be made at the request of the employee for: 1. Voluntary insurance coverages. 2. Contributions for United Way 3. Kentucky Public Employees Deferred Compensation Authority 4. U.S. Savings Bonds 5. County Employees Retirement Plan – purchase of service time Direct Deposit Direct deposit of employee paychecks is available; arrangements can be made with the Library business office or the Human Resources Department. If you use direct deposit, your check is not guaranteed to be deposited the same day as payroll – it may not be deposited until Thursday or Friday.

Sample Policy #2 Workweek and Salary Payment
The workweek is Sunday through Saturday. The Library Director will determine work schedules for all employees and is authorized to alter work schedules in order to provide the best customer service in each library location. Each employee shall keep a time card provided by the library. These completed time cards are to be kept in a permanent file. Salary payments shall be made on the fifteenth (15) and the last working day of each month. (KRS 337.020) Pay dates that fall on a day the library is not open shall be made on the last working day prior to the regular pay date. Automatic deductions to salary include Federal income tax, FICA tax and retirement, deferred compensation and health insurance premiums when applicable. Overtime is any time worked over forty (40) hours per week and is paid at the rate of 1 1/2 times the regular pay rate. Employees may work overtime when so assigned by the director.

Sample Policy #3 Salary Payments
Library employees shall be paid bi-weekly on Fridays, allowing for one week to be held back. Should a regularly scheduled payday fall on a day that the library is closed, employees shall receive their pay on the last working day prior to the regular pay day. A time card approved by the director shall be kept by each employee. The director, or his/her designee, shall maintain accurate records of all employees' hours worked and leaves taken. (KRS 337.320 requires every employer to keep a record of the amount paid each pay period to each employee and the hours worked each day and each week by employee.) Deductions automatically withheld shall include all applicable federal, state, and local taxes, social security tax (FICA), and Medicare. For employees working more than 100 hours a month, the employee's 5% contribution to the Kentucky Retirement System will also be deducted.

Sample Policy #4 Salary Payment
Employees are paid semi-monthly on the 15 and last day of the month. If payday falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or any other day that the library or financial institutions would normally be closed, payday will be rescheduled for the next earliest business day. For example, if April 15 is on a Sunday, payday will be moved to Friday, April 13. Full-time employees will be paid on the th st th 15 of each month for time worked between the 1 and 15 of the month. Part-time employees th st will be paid on the 15 of each month for time worked between the 21 of the previous month and th the 5 of the current month. Full-time employees will be paid on the last day of each month for th time worked between the 16 and the last day of the month. Part-time employees will be paid on th th the last day of the month for time worked between the 6 and 20 of the month. Below is a table outlining an example of the pay periods for both full and part-time employees.

Employment type Full-time Full-time Part-time Part-time

Paycheck distributed on June 15 June 30 June 15 June 30

For hours worked on June 1 – 15 June 16 – 30 May 21 – June 5 June 6 - June 20

If a regular payday falls during an employee’s vacation, the employee’s paycheck will be available upon his or her return from vacation. The library does not permit payroll advances against future pay or vacation time. The law requires that the library make certain deductions from every employee’s compensation. Among these are applicable federal, state, and local income taxes. The library must also deduct Social Security taxes on each employee’s earnings. The library matches the amount of Social Security taxes paid by each employee. The library is a participating agency in the County Employees Retirement System. Employees must participate by law if they routinely average 100 or more hours of work per month. The library is required to make deductions for those employees enrolled in the County Employees Retirement System. The library may also make other deductions as initiated by the employee or court system (e.g. health insurance for dependents, 401(k), loan payments, garnishments, etc.).

Sample Policy #5 Timesheets and Payroll
Timesheets Timesheets are required for all personnel. Timesheets are legal documents. All work time should be reported in 15-minute increments. Each employee is responsible for completing his/her own timesheet. Timesheets for staff must be turned in to the Business Office on Friday prior to the end of the pay period. Supervisors are responsible for checking for accuracy, completeness, date and signature of employee. Timesheets should be completed or printed in ink. Mistakes should be crossed out, corrected, and initialed by the employee. Falsifying a timesheet could be cause for immediate dismissal. Payroll All members of the staff are paid by check or direct deposit every other week. Regular deductions on each payroll are made for Federal, State, and Local Income Taxes, Social Security, and when applicable, health insurance, retirement and others elected by the employee. Pay statements indicate all deductions that have been made. Questions about pay statements should be directed to the Human Resources Manager.