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					MINUTES OF THE CAPE COD WATER PROTECTION COLLABORATIVE 1-16-07 A meeting of the Cape Cod Water Protection Collaborative was held at the Superior Courthouse in Barnstable on January 10, 2007, commencing at 8:35 a.m. Members: Barnstable Bourne Brewster Chatham Dennis Eastham Falmouth Harwich Mashpee Orleans Provincetown Sandwich Truro Wellfleet Yarmouth Paul Niedzwiecki Peggy Fantozzi Bud Rowles Sean Summers Gene Tully Jane Crowley Jack Barnes Larry Ballantine John Cahalane Augusta McKusick Cheryl Andrews David Mason Suzanne Grout Thomas Emily E. H. Beebe George Allaire Present Absent Present Absent Present Present Present Present Absent Present Absent Present Absent Present Present Absent Present

County Commissioners’ Appointees: John O’Brien John Hinckley Others Present: Tom Cambareri Sue Rask Ed Eichner Stephanie Ostapowich

Cape Cod Commission Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment Cape Cod Commission Town of Barnstable

1) Minutes – Chairman Niedzwiecki opened the meeting and asked for any comments or questions on the Minutes of December 13, 2006. No comments or questions offered. Mr. Niedzwiecki motioned to approve the minutes, motion moved by Gussie McKusick, 2nd by George Allaire, all approved. 2) Old Business RFP for Professional Services Governing Board discussed the Request for Proposals (RFP) for Professional Services. Discussion included where the RFP would be advertised. Suggestions included sending to the previous applicants for the position of the Executive Director, Boston Globe and

General Register. Gussie McKusick requested to review again for the record those members of the Board that would be on the selection committee. Paul Niedzwiecki confirmed that John Hinckley, Gussie McKusick, Peggie Fantozzi, Mark Zielinski, a County Commissioner and himself would be on the committee. RFP for the Regional Wastewater Plan Paul Niedzwiecki updated the Governing Board on the RFP for the Regional Wastewater Plan. Phase 1: Synopsis of problem, including a public relations strategy. Phase 2: Distribute to decision makers and a plan on how it will be distributed. Phase 3: Technical proposal that integrates 15 local plans. The plan will be available for review and will be looked at more at the upcoming Steering Committee meeting on January 25th. WBNERR Workshop Jack Barnes gave an update on the upcoming WBNERR Spring Workshop. Workshop is making progress with “Save the Date Brochure” going out. There will be a basic broadcast this coming Friday soliciting for anyone interested in presenting. Gussie McKusick inquired on the general topics to be presented. Draft Agenda at this point includes, Introduction, a Representative from Federal Government/Beacon Hill, Estuary/Big Bay, Massachusetts town case studies, How Municipalities use embodiments, Representative from Massachusetts Municipal Association, Representative from the Town of Chatham, Storm water utility workshop. Gussie McKusick reported that the Cape Keepers put out a public service announcement for public relations campaign looking for speakers. No responses yet. Paul Niedzwiecki inquired if there were any other questions on this topic? No response. Budget Paul Niedzwiecki – Budget should be handled by Steering Committee. Committee currently working with Mark Zielinski, County Administrator, on County budget. There will be more to report on this topic in the February meeting. John Hinkley - What extent has the Commissioners come out with department guidelines for budgeting? Does anyone know? Sue, do you know? Sue Rask – Commissioners are currently looking at level 2 funding. Paul Niedzwiecki –The focus for the Collaborative in the first year is to hire a consultant and get an Executive Director on staff. Second is to get out the RFP for Regional Wastewater and third to track resources. There is a need to identify roles regionally as well as on a County level.

Updates on Subcommittees Legislative Subcommittee – Paul Niedzwiecki had discussion with Senator Rob O’Leary on producing resources. The Senator will be at WBNERR workshop to announce resources. Resource Subcommittee – Peggy Fantozzi absent. No update at this time. Education Subcommittee – Gussie McKusick advised that it was covered under the WBNERR discussion. Paul Niedzwiecki asked if there were any report updates? No response. Moved discussion on to town updates. Harwich/ Larry Ballantine - Moving forward with plan. Town has selection down to four. Wellfleet/ Emily E. H. Beebe – Approved expansion of water system. Considering this a big political win. Forum of grassroot citizens and retirees sponsoring current events. She will be a key note speaker at the February 1st meeting on wastewater issues. Orleans/Gussie McKusick – Chugging ahead. Unveiled local GIS with Cape Cod Commission. Model for looking lot by lot. Overall map shows gallon flow per foot from each area. Dennis/Gene Tully – Nothing new in Dennis. Yarmouth/George Allaire – Still waiting on reports. Falmouth/Jack Barnes – Making progress. Interviewed 3 candidates and looking for decision within 30 days. Eastham/Jane Crowley – Inching forward. Rallying support for town water system. Huge effort to get it done. Sandwich/Dave Mason – Nothing to report. Barnstable/Paul Niedzwiecki –Working on sewer expansion plan. Looking at Growth Neutral Policies. Paul Niedzwiecki – Anything from Staff? No response. TAC? No response. CCC? Tom Cambareri – Closed out Cape Keeper Contract. Will be discussing issues on storm water management utilities. Working on acute environmental issue at the Fire Training Academy.

Ed Eichner – Tomorrow evening Technical Meeting on West Falmouth Harbor report. Working on Lewis Bay. Ponds update: Contracted with the Town of Barnstable to look at water quality in the ponds. Sue Rask: Pretty quiet. Continuing to work on website with Maggie. Paul Neidzwiecki: Any others? No response. New Business Paul Neidzwiecki – Advised Governing Board that the Steering Committee is putting together 3 ring binders for each member that will include all Collaborative policies. This will be forthcoming in the next few months. Gussie McKusick - Project Funding Information Request to go to Steering Committee to review and then to the Governing Board. Discussion continued on the process of putting together a policy book between Governing Board members Gene Tully, John Hinckley, Paul Neidzwiecki, Gussie McKusick and George Allaire. Addressed concern of the Steering Committee determining policies that will be put in the binders as opposed to the Governing Board making that decision. George Allaire – Vote on regional policy book? Motion by Gussie McKusick, Moved by George Allaire and 2nd by Paul Neidzwiecki. All in favor. None opposed. Paul Neidzwiecki – Any other business? Jack Barnes – Suggested reaching out to other organizations such as the Coalition for Buzzards Bay. Paul Neidzwiecki stated he was open to talking to anyone. Suggested sending out a letter of introduction. Motion by Mr. Neidzwiecki, moved by John Hinckely, 2nd by Gussie McKusick. Gussie McKusick initiated the discussion of reaching out to representatives from the outer Cape. Posed the question on how does the Collaborative reach out to those reps that are continually absent. Paul Neidzwiecki suggested taking the Collaborative meetings on the road. Board members had a general discussion with most in favor and some opposing the idea. Consensus was to have one meeting held in the outer Cape and one held in the upper cape once per year. First meeting will be held in the Town of Eastham in April. Paul Neidzwiecki – Any other business? No response. Any comments from the Public? No response? Press? No response. The next meeting will be held February 14th.

Motion to adjourn. Moved by Gene Tully, 2nd by George Allaire. Adjourned at 10:50 a.m.