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Date Created/Revised: June 2006

Week Four
Reading—Word Study Read both regular and irregular words automatically such as through multiple opportunities to read and reread. (8G) Reading—Comprehension Establish purposes reading or listening such as to be informed, to follow directions, and to be entertained. (12B) Monitor his/her own comprehension and act purposefully when comprehension breaks down using strategies such as rereading, searching for clues, and asking for help. (12D) Use graphs, charts, signs, captions, and other information texts to acquire information. (10B) Reading—Fluency Read regularly in independent-level materials is difficult for the reader. (9A) Read regularly in instructional-level materials that are challenging but manageable. (9B) Read orally from familiar texts with fluency (accuracy, expression, approximate phrasing, and attention to punctuation). (9C) Self-select independent level reading such as by drawing on personal interest, by relying on knowledge of authors and different types of texts, and/or by estimating text difficulty. (9D)

Grade Level & Course: 1st Grade-Language Arts
Achieve Now – Correlations Link 8G Page 18 12B,D Pages 24-25 10B Page 22 9A-D Pages 18-19 Kamico Reading 1 12B Page 252 10B Page 217 Plato Skill Activity 8G Everyone Has a Pet Where’s Rachel? Do You Know Who I Am? A Word Mystery! 12D Pot-bellied Pigs Tortoise and Hare Lion and Rabbit A Missing Bike It’s a Mystery! What Happened? Plato Skill Activity cont. 12B What’s in a Name? Make an Aquarium Messes and Max Bubbles Gets a Collar What Happened Next? Mystery Words A Neighborhood Map A Sorting Game The Old Library Names and Locations Lists A Match Game 10B Bubbles Gets a Collar Favorite Animals What Happened Next? White House Pets Poems and Games Violet Yolanda Zuri Matching Game A Pet Service Goats and Guppies An Unusual Pet Pot-bellied Pigs Each Special Pet A Missing Child The Old Library Who Is Stealing? Where’s Rachel? Be A Sound Detective


Listening & Speaking—Listens for a Purpose Determine the purpose(s) for listening such as to get information, to solve problems, and to enjoy and appreciate. (1A) Listen critically to interpret and evaluate. (1D) Ask and answer relevant questions and make contributions in small or large group discussions. (3C)

What’s Missing Mystery Words Notes and Letters Rachel’s Notes Riddles and Clues A Neighborhood Map A Match Game A Sorting Game Labeling a Map

Marco Polo 12D


Lesson Topic: Authors Purpose Lesson Plans:



Vocabulary Addressed:

Kamico Reading 1 12B Page 254 10B Page 233


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