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					Everyday Math 5.9 Bar and Circle Graphs
Objective: To construct and label bar graphs; and to discuss properties of circle graphs.

• Bar graph: A graph that shows relationships in data by the use of bars to represent quantities. • Circle (or pie) graph: A graph in which its interior are divided into parts to represent the parts of a set of data. The whole circle represents the whole set of data.

• On the board I have listed the 5 snack choices on page 152 in your Math Journal. Please come to the board and put a tally mark next to the snack you chose. Then look at problem 2 in your journal and record our class votes.

Think Time….
• Time to discuss our findings

Bar Graph should have the following parts:
• A title that describes what is being graphed • A list of the groups or categories for which bars are drawn • A number line with a scale. A scale is used to draw bars of lengths that show the amount of data in each group or category. The scale is usually labeled.

• Wit your pod mate do problem #3

Circle Graph
As a class we are going to go outside and use our statistics from the board and make a circle graph. If you like a certain snack you will grab a certain color of construction paper and I want you to stand together in our circle. Meet me outside.

Creating our own graphs
• We will be going to the computer lab and practice making graphs. This site will give you fun and exciting information about collecting data. I will fist show you the information and how to access it. Then you will be able to go into the computer lab, only working on this site and practice making graphs. Bring your data sheet.

• Study Link 5.9 • Math Journal page 154

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