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Our online laptop battery Shipping policy in UK

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									Our Shipping Items will be shipped by Royal Mail. Please note that we do not ship to APO (Military) Boxes or FPO (Foreign) Boxes.

We are not responsible for wrong or undeliverable address. Please make sure your shipping address is correct and deliverable.

Delivery Time Items will be shipped out in the following business days after you have checked out. In general, it may take about 1 - 4 business days for delivery.

Please note that some orders go through our fraud prevention department. If your order is selected, you will be notified and your order may be delayed by an additional 3 business days. Order Tracking We allow you to track your order at the click of a mouse. When your shipment is confirmed, you'll receive a tracking number in your confirmation e-mail.

Shipping Rates Our rates include the expenses of shipping, handling and the high quality packaging. Shipping Rates would vary depending on the weight of the shipment and the selected shipment method. Please note that all the weights on the product specifications are referring to Net Weights while Gross Weights will be taken to measure shipping fees.

Royal Mail Registered Shipment Weight below 0.5kg Shipment Weight below 1.0kg Shipment Weight below 1.5kg GBP5.00 GBP8.00 GBP12.00

Royal Mail Special Delivery GBP8.00 GBP12.00 GBP15.00

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