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					Opening Statement
We wish we could provide an agreement that was tailored exactly to your business. While this is not always possible, we feel that we've come very close and that this document provides you with the head-start that you need to get your deal moving.

[Company Name]
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[Date] [President / VP Sales] [Title: President / VP Sales]

Dear [Mr.],

Re: Letter of Intent for Business

We are very excited about the development of your new service, and we are very much looking forward to working with your company. While we anticipate that all of the terms and conditions will be fully set forth in a Draft Agreement, we understand our current mutual intentions to be as follows:

Inbound & Outbound Contact centre
To initiate we offer 50 seats, but, with a 6 weeks’ notice an additional 100 would be available for Inbound /Outbound, and we can assure you that no other company in south East Asia currently offers the Economical rates that Ensign would be providing you given the Excellent Quality.

Quality Assurance
By implementing effective quality assurance procedures we aim to raise standards of attainment and achievement, thereby enabling all Ensign Communiqué staffs their full potential. To this end a cycle of activities is carried out throughout the Company year, which enables staff to translate our policy statement into practice. The Key Processes

The key processes involved in Quality Assurance are: Aims and Policy Making Self Evaluation Planning for Improvement Leadership Staff Development and Review

Clients / Partners (Partial List)

Effect of this Letter of Intent
This LOI is intended merely as a guide in the negotiations and preparation of the Purchase Agreement on terms and conditions satisfactory to both parties, and nothing contained in this LOI shall be construed to preclude other provisions from being included in the Purchase Agreement, provided that such other provisions are consistent with the content of this LOI and otherwise satisfactory to both parties. While we intend to proceed promptly to complete and execute the Purchase Agreement, it is expressly understood that this is a LOI only, and no liability or obligation of any nature whatsoever is intended to be created between either of the parties.

Agreed & Accepted:

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