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					How to load iPod to iTunes
Currently, Apple only provides to load from iTunes to iPod, not load iPod to iTunes. Fortunately, however, Apple doesn’t keep you from loading music from iPod to iTunes with third party software, and we know some good software you can have a free trial. Don't worry, in order to load iPod to iTunes, you can use a third party software to help you, and it will save a lot time and energy. It is a good choice for you to load iPod into iTunes easily. iPod to iTunes transfer is the most recommendable software which can load iPod music to iTunes. It is powerful and practical when you want to transfer movies, music, photos, podcast and TV shows. Most importantly, you can download it and have a free trial. Experiencing the trial version now is a wise choice. How to load iPod to iTunes with the iPod to iTunes transfer? I think this step by step guide would help you out, it will show you the detailed steps to load music from iPod to iTunes. Step1. Download the program – iPod to iTunes transfer, install it on your PC. Step2. Then connect your iPod to your computer and run the program. Step3. Select the music that you want to load from iPod to iTunes and hit the "Export to iTunes" button. Step4. Once the loading process is completed, the following window will pop up. It shows that how many songs have been loaded. You can click the “OK” button to view the output music. Note: This version is for Windows OS, if you are Mac OS user, please use iPod to iTunes transfer for Mac The related article – how to load iPod to computer can also be referred to you!

Description: Do you really load music from iPod to iTunes? You can refer to this article that will tell you how to load iPod to iTunes.