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									A Happy Marriage!!
It’s a Full-Time Job!!


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Judith Wallerstein identified 9 ‘psychological tasks’ that are required for a good marriage Seperating from own family emotionally Building togetherness (share intimacy, mutual identification) while still maintaining autonomy Establishing a rich sexual relationship Dealing with parenthood Confronting the crises of life (birth of a child, teenage years, launching, retirement) Creating a safe haven where the couple can express anger and conflict Using humour and laughter to avoid boredom Nurturing and comforting each other Keeping alive the early romantic image of falling in love

There are 3 stages in a marriage:
• Stage 1: -romantic, warm and respectful -sexual attraction -building self esteem -conflict arises as individuals become more demanding -partners change behaviour -individuals feel let down because relationship is less rewarding -couples compromise and negotiate a relationship that meets thir needs -relationship is more realistic, mature and stable

• Stage 2:

• Stage 3:

• Non-normative events are challenges such as unemployment, infertility, illness or infidelity • Basics for a happy marriage: -good communication -learn give and take -make decisions jointly/negotiation -put the ‘us’ before the ‘me’

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